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Learning Russian in Minsk


Arriving at a foreign country most of people start pondering over learning a local language. In spite of the fact, that an official language of Republic of Belarus is Belarusian, most of the people here use Russian in their daily life. Thousands of tourists are willing to take Russian lessons while living in Belarus to make their life here more comfortable. Fortunately, a large variety of Russian classes are offered in Minsk.

  1. Russian courses in Minsk State Linguistic University.

One of the options is attend courses in specialized language university. Minsk State Linguistic University offers to learn the language in a group of several people and individually. The course may be taken on all the levels of learning: from beginner to advanced. The price for studying depends on its duration. So a week course with twenty hours of classes will cost you about 90$ and 12 month course with the same amount of hours in one week will cost 2600$. To help foreigners in comprehending Russian, students of MSLU organize weekly event “A bridge of friendship”. It’s a Russian speaking club where Russian learners can practice their speaking skills with native speakers. It’s also remarkable that foreign students are given places in a dormitory for a time of study. You can ask any questions and assign for classes in MSLU itself on Zaharova 21.

Minsk State Linguistic University. The photo is taken from the website-


  1. Russian courses in Belarusian State University.

Similar courses are offered by Belarusian State University too. Here, besides from general Russian learning, language courses in more specific aspects of language may be taken, for example Russian for chemistry, biology, physics. It’s very useful for the ones who plan to enter the universities of Belarus. You may assign for the courses in BSU itself on Akademicheskaya 25.

BSU. The photo is taken from the website


  1. Russian courses in the language center “Leader”.

The language school “Leader” suggests learning Russian not just in Belarus but online as well. Individual course of language both online and in school costs 1375 Belarusian rubles. The cost includes 40 hours or 4 weeks of classes. A course for more advanced learners(B2) costs 926 rubles. Lessons are conducted in groups of six people during 12 weeks or 240 academic hours(1 academic hour is 45 minutes). You should take into consideration that study materials are extra- paid. In addition, here you can take an official state test on proficiency in Russian language and get a certificate. You can sign up for the classes on the website

  1. Russian courses in European educational center “Sol”.

European educational center proposes foreigners to learn Russian and get over a language barrier with classes in the center. An individual two academic hours long lesson costs 80 rubles. The school itself locates conveniently in the very center of Minsk. Also they run a special promotion “Bring a friend”: if you bring one more person willing to learn Russian you’ll get a sale of 25% for a whole semester. Here you can enroll in the course with the website

The language center “Sol”. The photo is taken from the website


  1. Russian courses in the language school “Mulberry club”.

Mulberry club is a language school where you can surely get a good command of language. In the price of 360$ includes twenty language lessons and three hours of out-of-class lessons. Together with a tutor, groups of learners go out, order food in restaurants and do shopping practicing the learned skills of speaking. Mulberry offers a two- days- language-course on weekends for 240$. 16 hours of studying and a language speaking practice in the city are included in the price. For these courses on weekends at least 3 persons are needed so you can bring your friends with you. On the official website you may register for classes and learn more about the school.

On the whole, you may easily find a Russian course, which satisfy your wishes the best. In Minsk you can get a good command of spoken Russian and attend a course of more in- depth study and reach the level of a native speaker. Being submerged into a Russian language environment learning the language will be fascinating and simple.