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"Luch" factory: history and best models

In this article we will tell you about the Minsk watch factory “Luch”, as well as the assortment of this interesting enterprise. At the beginning of the article, we will review the brief history of the “Luch” factory, then we will introduce to you the watch production of the factory. In addition, the “Luch” is also engaged in scientific and technical production. Also in this article you will find links to the official website of the factory and a description of the assortment of the “Luch” factory.

Brief history of “Luch” factory

The construction of the factory began in late 1953 in connection with the decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Council of Ministers of the BSSR. Due to certain post-war difficulties: the lack of workers, materials and equipment, the first specialty of many watchmakers was the specialty of an auxiliary worker in construction.

By mid-1955, the first stage of construction work was completed and from November 24, Minsk Watch Factory was transferred to the number of existing enterprises. In 1959, at the request of the Minsk watch factory’s administration, an evening department was opened at the Minsk Polytechnic to train specialists from among the factory workers.

In 1963, the first graduation of the department "Production of time devices" took place.

In 1960, the development of a new watch caliber began and a watch design was created with a movement diameter of 13 mm and a height of 3.4 mm.

In 1961, an experimental batch of Minsk watches (Luch-1300) was released.

In 1962, the development of watches was suspended, and the factory switched to the development of men's watches “Vympel”. This watch received the brand “Luch-2209”. Over the entire history of its existence, the Luch factory has mastered more than 1700 different models, many of them have been recognized far abroad, and some have even been awarded with gold medals.

An important achievement was also the development of its own mechanisms: quartz, mechanical, including self-winding.

On November 24, 2012, Minsk Watch Factory opened the first new-style store. The flagship store “Luch” symbolizes the modernization of the factory and the updating of the range and became the first in a network of such stores. Nowadays, 28 branded stores have already been opened in the Republic of Belarus, as well as the online store with international delivery.

Watch factory

Minsk Watch Factory is the only enterprise in Belarus producing time devices and one of the few enterprises that has preserved the full production cycle of mechanical watches from Soviet times.

The Minsk watch factory became famous, first of all, for the “Luch” brand, but it also produced such famous watches as “Zarya”, “Vympel” and others. Today, in addition to the Luch brand, Minsk Watch Factory ACS offers Favorit and Sekonda watches.

ACS Minsk Watch Factory is a private ownership company with a state share in the authorized capital of 19.97%. The investor's share is 80%. Individuals own 0.03% of the shares.

Today, the company produces about 150-180 thousand watches, offering the consumer more than 1700 models, both quartz and mechanical watches. The products of Minsk Watch Factory are exported to fourteen countries.

The factory employs over 700 people. There is constantly updated equipment and technology there.

Since 2013, the company has mastered the industrial production of watches with diamond-like carbon coating. The coating is biologically indifferent, i.e. does not chemically interact with biological tissues (including skin). Currently, Minsk Watch Factory has mastered the manufacture of spherical watch glasses for sapphire round watches and continues to develop sapphire glasses of various non-round shapes.

Scientific and technical production

Moreover, the factory is engaged in the manufacture of pressure gauges, printed circuit boards, GPS-trackers, devices for checking milking installations (PPDU-01) and other products.

You can read more about these devices here.

Products of the brand "Luch"

For women

Women's watches are an elegant addition to any look. Therefore, in the arsenal of women there are watches of various colors and styles. If you plan to replenish your collection or make a gift to a loved one, then start by choosing the type of mechanism.

Clock mechanism can be:


The watch runs on batteries for up to several years, which greatly simplifies the care of the accessory. Quartz watch models are the most accurate, and the accuracy of the movement even in a year does not exceed 20 seconds.


Such watches work thanks to the pendulum inside, which starts the movement of gears. Mechanical wristwatches do not require additional power sources, but due to the characteristics of the device, the accuracy of the movement can be up to 10 seconds / day.

self-winding mechanical;

A similar mechanism begins to work with mechanical vibrations, and not from the battery. When it stays at rest in a long period of time, the watches stop. Automatic winding is a complex mechanism that is very sensitive to damage, so you should be especially careful with such a watch.

On the site of the Luch factory you will find a large assortment of women's watches for every taste.

For the convenience of customers, the site also has filters that help filter out unnecessary options. For example, you can choose the type of watch, movement, glass, wristband material and more.

For men

Men's watches are not only functional, but also a stylish accessory that complements the image. In order not to be mistaken when choosing a gift for a loved one or yourself, it is worth considering some features, for example, the type of mechanism.

In the "Men's" section you can find a large assortment of watches for every taste.

For children

Also on the site of the Luch factory there is a subsection of children's watches. Here you will see many models for children.

Children's models differ in size, because in order for the watch to fit well on the child’s wrist, the dial must be smaller. The essential requirements are also applied to the straps: it is worth choosing soft and elastic materials that do not cause irritation and do not harm the skin. For example, in Minsk stores and other branches you can buy children's watches with wristbands from:

genuine leather;




In the accessories section, leather goods and bracelets are presented to your attention. There are also options on the left, thanks to which you can filter out unnecessary options. These parameters are the type of product (bracelet, wallet) or color (red, silver).

Clocks "Luch"

In addition to watches, the factory also produces clocks. On the site you can find a collection of original alarms that are suitable for any interior. To do this, follow the link.

Popular products "Luch"

Among all products of the brand “Luch” there are also the most popular. On the site they go in a separate section, which is called the "hit of sales." Here you will find the models that buy the most.


Factory «Luch» has special collection «One-liner». The name of the collection speaks for itself. A distinctive feature of the watch is the presence of only one hour hand.

Watches with embroidery

The factory also has «simply belarusian» collection with embroidery. It can be called genuine Belarusian, since on the watch and on the wristbands you will see ornaments which are characteristics of Belarusian clothes.

Classical watches

In collection of factory «Luch» there are also classical models. These models are good in that they fit any business style. This watch has three dial colors: black, blue, green, so you can choose what you like best.

Charity Watch Collections

On the website you will also find subsection under hashtag «Time to help». Minsk watch factory has released new watches, buying which each of the buyers automatically takes part in charity in favor of Belarusian doctors. All proceeds from the sale will be transferred to a charity account of the Ministry of Health of the Republic.

Special Order

Choosing a good business souvenir is a difficult task. You should choose a corporate gift that will leave a pleasant impression and strengthen the status of the company. Among these, a special place is occupied by watches with company logo on the dial and engraving on the back cover of the watch case.

Especially for you, the Luch factory will produce an individual design of a limited collection of quartz or mechanical watches, table and wall clocks. Minimum order quantity - 5 pcs. Such watches will become:

memorable and useful accessory;

a prestigious and representative gift for partners and VIP-clients;

a unique carrier of the company's image and display of its corporate values;

a good way to popularize your activities;

an honorary award on holidays and professional events.

Watches of limited collections will convey the business emphasis, corporate identity of your organization.

Museum of the factory "Luch"

Minsk watch factory is open for visits and conducts excursions for organized groups. “Luch” is pleased to acquaint guests with the process of creating watch movements and the unique exposition of the museum - the only one from which you can learn about the establishment and development of watchmaking in Belarus.

During the tour you will learn about the full production cycle of watches and visit the museum. His exhibition is notable for the presence of interactive exhibits: machine tools, measuring and magnifying instruments, a watchmaker's table. In memory of a visit to the museum, you can take a photo in the modern photo zone and purchase watches from the latest collections.

Unfortunately, due to the current situation in the world, excursions are temporarily not held.

The minimum number of excursion participants is 5 people, the maximum is 15, including group leaders. The minimum age for visitors is 6 years.

The duration of the tour is 1 hour. The entrance is free.