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Best food delivery services in Minsk 2019-2020

Food delivery services in Minsk

There are some days when you don’t want to go outside and just want to lay on the sofa watching movie and eating something tasty. These days food delivery services will help you!

This is probably the main delivery system in the city. They can deliver food from lots of restaurants (main dishes, drinks, deserts) because they work as aggregator for many restaurants and cafes of Minsk. 


Pic. 1

For making an order you should

  • Find a café or restaurant from what you want a delivery
  • Make an order on site, through mobile app or just calling  7797;
  • Tell the operator which is order and how will you pay

You can pay in cash, by card or by card when the order will be delivered.

The cost of delivery depends on

the point of destination from the restaurant:

under 2 km -  $1,

2- 4 км - $1.5,

4 - 7 km - $2.

restaurant capacity;

weather conditions;


The delivery begins from the sum $7.5

The average duration of delivery within Minsk is 40-50 minutes.

Delivery time may increase due to traffic jams or bad weather.


Now let's look at deliveries that specialize in certain types of dishes.

Japanese food


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Pic. 2 Beef tartare roll (  Pic. 3 Scallop and Spinach Roll (

This restaurant has its own delivery system.

Delivery time is from 11.00 till 23.00

Receiving of orders for delivery ends in 23:00

In the case you have made an order on the site, wait till the operator call you. Just in  this case, the order is considered confirmed.

Delivery of an average and above an average price category. Average bill is $7.5-17.5 Delivery starts from the sum $10


The Japanese  restaurant  with its own delivery system.


  Pic. 4

You can make an order from 11:00 till 23:00

Delivery starts from the sum $4.5

If the cost of bill is less $7.5 the cost of delivery in this case $0.75.

You can pay in cash or be card when courier arrives.

For the time of delivery ask the operator

Sushi Vesla

Restaurant with its own delivery system. You can choose any dish from menu. The time of delivery depends on the timetable of restaurants.