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Top 5 hookah places in Minsk

Today we will tell you in which hookahs of Minsk you can relax from the daily hustle and bustle thanks to its comfortable atmosphere and pleasant interior. Read in our article what types of hookah can be ordered here and what it is cooked on.

Myata Launge Vostok

This place with notes of modernism is rightfully considered the best in the city. Here quite spacious, live music plays, tables don't stand close with each other, and the waiters will always tell you what wine is best for your order.

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The choice of hookah tastes is quite diverse. There are more than 100 types of tobacco in the assortment, and in addition, you can order a hookah with water, wine or fruit. You can choose a mix to your taste or mix completely new ingredients for you, and a hookahman will help you with this.

Tea ceremony is held here at the customer's request. The menu has more than 50 varieties of elite tea, and  in the wine list there are 40 drinks for every taste.

If you feel hungry, you can order European, Asian, American and Japanese cuisines.

In Mint there is the opportunity to play board games, and in the vip-zone in the console.

Average bill: $ 20-25.

Chaihana Lounge Cafe

An atmospheric place in an oriental style that creates a sense of magic and fairy tales. The Chaihana Lounge Cafe has friendly and helpful staff who will help you choose the dish and drink for every taste.

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A hookahman will tell you what tastes of tobacco are and, based on the wishes of the client, will help make the right choice.

The assortment includes classic, fruit and premium hookahs. Here you can order dishes of classical, Uzbek and European cuisine. The menu pleases with a large selection of desserts and alcoholic beverages.

On Fridays and Saturdays, DJs perform here, and on Saturday and Sunday there is a children's room.
Average check: $ 15-20.

HookahPlace Lounge Bar Yakuba Kolosa

This is the largest network of hookahs in the world. The institution is decorated in the industrial style in the best traditions: vintage furniture, painting in the spirit of postmodernism, antique decor items, dim lights and relaxing music.

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HookahPlace Lounge Bar has live music evenings. The institution has 2 gaming areas with PS4 consoles and a professional kicker table.

Thise bar has a large selection of hookah tastes and professional hookah men will make any mix you want.

The main menu is grilled dishes, and the bartender can make any drink to your taste. The institution’s tea card contains tea varieties to the taste of any connoisseur, as well as alternative methods of brewing to achieve a balanced taste.

Average check: $ 20-25

Hookah Deli

Hookah Deli is in the style of minimalism, quiet background music, dim lights and friendly staff. Here they are ready to offer an extensive taste palette: at least 80 types of tobacco at affordable prices. You can choose a classic hookah, as well as fruit and wine. Hookah masters, based on your wishes, will prepare any mix you want.

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The menu in the restaurant is represented by light dishes: salads, burgers and sandwiches, meat and fruit slices to choose from. Regular visitors recommend trying Chinese tea. And for those who prefer stronger, in HookahDeli offer a beer card with Belarusian, German, Belgian and Mexican beer.
Average bill: $ 15-25.


Thise place is in black and blue shades with designer elements that were created manually. Live music plays here, and the light is dim, it's creates a very relaxing atmosphere. In addition, there are board games that are suitable for both a couple of people, and for the whole company.

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Yarkalyan is distinguished by the fact that guests are sitting on the catwalks with pillows and in the center, there is a small wooden table. You can’t worry that the companies sitting next to them will interfere, because each podium is surrounded by a high partition.

In Yarkalyan you can order a classic, exclusive, premium, designer and branded hookah, as well as fruit hookah: orange, pomegranate, apple, grapefruit.

The bar menu has cocktails, low alcohol drinks, beer, strong alcoholic drinks and even tea with desserts.

The main menu is European, Irish and Belarusian cuisine: salads, soups, burgers, side dishes, beer snacks, hot dishes and more.

The average check is $ 20-30.