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Medicines that are produced in Belarus

How important it is to have good health. Surely such lessons were taught to each of us by our parents. When you became an adult or after the appearance of your own children, you increasingly think about how they were right. After all, if there will be no health, there will be no happy full life. So, since ancient times, people collected herbs and roots, cooked medicinal potions. In the modern world, these "potions" have transformed into medicines of various forms. It can be tablets, and ointments, and inject able drugs. Their essence is the same - to cure a certain ailment or its manifestations. Thus, help human health. Let's conduct a comparative analysis of the state of the drug market in Belarus and beyond.

Pharmaceuticals in Belarus

State Register of Medicines

The Ministry of Health of Belarus has developed and implemented a special electronic database - a register of medicines. The registry will contain information on registered medicines. Namely, you can find features such as a drug: Russian and Latin name, international name, type of issue, country and company - manufacturer, registration number and its expiration date. This electronic search form greatly accelerates and simplifies the process of finding and n formation on interesting drug. This registry is used by a wide range of people: healthcare professionals (doctors, pharmacists, nurses), and ordinary users - patients of medical institutions and their relatives and friends. Find the registry easily by link.

Department of Pharmaceutical Industry

In 2017, according to the Decree of the President, the Department of the pharmaceutical industry was abolished. The core business of the former Department was transferred to the Center for Expertise and Testing in Health Care. Currently, all issues regarding the regulation, control and supervision of the production of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies are the responsibility of this Center of Expertise. If you need to find out information about a license or vice versa, you want to register the product, or medical supplies machinery for sale in the territory of Belarus, then you also need to apply in person or by filling out the electronic  appeal on their website.

Drug manufacturers in Belarus

Republican Unitary Enterprise «Belmedpreparaty»

Nowadays, the enterprise’s production facilities are located on the territory of more than twenty hectares and include 20 workshops. The workshops are located at four sites in three cities: Minsk, Lida and Skidel . About 3,000 people work at the plant. The company is the largest in the country. In general, the company is a multi-stage production based on high technologies, involved in issue of the widest range of medical products , in the form of various medicinal £ ORM. The manufactured products belong to 20 pharmacotherapeutic groups. The creation of new medicines and the development of progressive technological processes is carried out by the management of innovative development of the enterprise, consisting of about 100 employees, including 3 candidates of sciences. The company is accredited as a scientific organization, which confirms the capabilities of RUE Belmedpreparaty to create and bring to the market new highly effective medicines that are in high demand in practical healthcare. The nomenclature of products registered and produced for sale on the domestic market is about 350 items. Currently, the nomenclature of the enterprise includes about 40 original medicines and 36 pharmaceutical substances of own production. Up to 33% of the output is exported to 26 countries of the far and near abroad. More detailed information can be found on the website here.

OJSC «Borisov Plant of Medicines»

It was created in 1965 in the city of Borisov. The company employs more than 300 specialists. The company is constantly upgrading existing production facilities. The plant has partners in more than 20 countries. Interested persons - distributors have the opportunity to get acquainted with the product catalog link company.

The unitary enterprise «Minskintercaps»

The company was founded in 1995, has more than 500 employees. Its production activity the company beginning as a joint Belarusian - American company, and in 2001 the company acquired the state status. In 2016, a new production complex was put into operation in the company, which allowed to significantly increasing the volume of production. In 2017 he was awarded the title «Best Exporter of the Year» in the nomination “Production of goods intended for treatment and rehabilitation”. The company produces a full technological cycle: from control of incoming raw materials and materials to the final product in consumer packaging. The company website can be found here.

«Nesvizh Medical Products Plant» OJSC

The plant is located in the Nesvizh town. The status of one of the leading organizations in the pharmaceutical market of Belarus requires strict adherence to international standards, offering consumers effective medicines that have passed multilevel quality control. The plant's activity is aimed at restoring, strengthening and maintaining people's health. Colossal experiences in the industry, the introduction of innovative technologies have formed a positive image of the enterprise. The plant provides radiation treatment services, provides laboratories and transportation services. More detailed information can be found on the company's website by clicking on the following link.

«Exon» OJSC

Geographically the plant is located in the city of Drogichin, has been operating since 1995. The plant specializes in the production of medicines, dietary supplements and food products (hematogen and syrups). The company cooperates in the following areas: on- line production, cooperation in the field of drug registration outside the Republic of Belarus , production of products under its own brands. Products are exported to thirteen countries of the near and far abroad.

Joint stock company «Ferane»

It has been operating since 1998, geographically located in the city of Minsk, the number of employees is more than 200 people. The main activity of the plant is the development, production and sale of medicines, medical devices and dietary supplements. The site can be found by clicking on the following link.

Republican Unitary Enterprise «Scientific - Practical Center Lotios»

This state-owned company is located in Minsk, opened in 1997. In contrast to all the above mentioned companies, the company has a clearly expressed by the scientific - practical example and vlennost work. The plant works and is in the field of scientific - technical, instrumental - analytical, informational - methodical maintenance and quality control of products, the safety of its production. On a web-site companies can go to the link .

Export of Belarusian medicines

More than a third of the drugs produced in the republic are exported. 1,526 registration certificates were received abroad, 1,339 of them in the CIS countries. About 80% of exports go to the countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan). Our preparations are also in demand in far abroad countries. For example, BZMP products are presented in the markets of the USA, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, and Macedonia.

The sought after medicines made in Belarus

More than 1,500 names of domestic medicinal products and about 4 thousand imported ones are registered in the republic. More than 70% of the country's pharmaceutical industry products - drugs cost up to US $ 1. In particular demand are biologically active additive based on natural components (hematogen), aspirin, paracetamol and other antipyretics, activated carbon, painkillers - citramonum, antiviral drug - angrimaks, tinctures hawthorn, blueberry, arpetol, valerian.

Drug Safety in Belarus

The procedure for the implementation of drug safety activities was codified in 2015. Therefore, on the website of each drug manufacturer in Belarus you can find a special section - pharmacovigilance. Pharmacovigilance is a set of activities related to scientific research and activities aimed at identifying, evaluating and understanding the possible negative consequences of medical use of drugs, preventing their occurrence and protecting patients. Therefore, anyone can fill out these forms both electronically on the website of the Center for Expertise and Safety in Healthcare, and directly on the website of the drug manufacturer.

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