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Memorial complex “Brest Fortress”. Interesting facts.

Memorial complex “Brest Fortress”. Interesting facts.

Brest fortress is the main landmark of Belarus, which is the first in the obligatory-to-visit places upon arrival to the country.

Brest fortress was built in 30-40’s of 19th century. During the First World War it was owned by Germany, then it had been in possession of Poland for some time, and, finally, it was given back to Soviet Union in 1939. You might have heard that the fortress is called Hero- Fortress, that’s because the fortress took the first unexpected attacks of fascists on the 2nd of June in 1941 and the people were holding the fort for almost a month considering that they had no access to water. Exactly this why, the fortress was given the title of “Hero”. In the period of 1969 to 1971, the memorial complex Brest Hero-Fortress was built to memorialize the bravery and courage that were shown by soldiers protecting the borders of their land. The memorial consists of several parts each of which is worthy to be seen at least once in a lifetime so grand the masterpieces are.

The memorial complex begins to surprise from the very entrance which looks as a big star hewed out from an enormous cement block hanging over ramshackle red brick casemates. Inside the entrance we hear dramatic voice of Levitan announcing about the beginning of war, and a melody “The song of motherland”, which creates a special atmosphere and anticipation of further trip to the past.

Entrance to the memorial complex. The source of the photo-


The center of Brest Fortress is monument “The courage”, which is thirty and a half meters in length, may really take your breath away. It represents a face of a soldier, decisive and uncompromising, embodiment of all the ones who defended the fortress. On the other side of the monument, we can see high relives portraying episodes of the fortress defense and at the base of the sculpture- the Eternal Fire which has been burning for already several decades. Astonishingly that CNN called the monument “The ugliest monument in the world” for that they had to publicly apologize.



“The courage”. The source of the photo –


Not far from “The courage” there an obelisk that was embodied in the form of a bayonet of a famous soviet rifle.  It can be seen from any point of Brest fortress as it is 105 meters in length. “The courage” and the obelisk is connected with three rows of tombstones under which remains of soldiers were buried, the names of some of them are still unknown.

Obelisk. The source of the photo-


Further, just beside a river, one more sculpture can be seen which is called “The thirst”. It represents an exhausted soldier who while leaning on his gun is trying to scoop some water up with his helmet.  In the June of 41th fascist army shelled the approaches to two rivers which are located near the fortress, and in nighttime it was lightened with projectors to deprive soldiers and their families of water. This thirteen meters long monument will leave no one indifferent.

“The thirst”. The source of the photo-

Miraculously, Svyato- Nikolaevskaya presidial church of 19th century managed to stay untouched, and it also locates within the territory of the memorial.