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Driving motorcycle

Motorcycle driving in Belarus: traffic rules and brief information

Motorcycle Driving Rules

When driving a motorcycle you need to follow as many rules of the road as when driving any other vehicle.

First of all, you need to know that since 1994, the category of “motorcycles” includes not only two-wheeled motor vehicles with or without a side trailer, but also three- and four-wheeled ones with a curb weight of up to 400 kg.

As for the speed and volume of the engine – vehicles with a design maximum speed of 50 km/h and above are considered a motorcycle, lower – a moped. A similar situation is with the engine capacity – even a scooter with an engine capacity above 50 cm3 belongs to the "motorcycle" category.

When riding a motorcycle, it is very important to know the general rules of the movement so as not to create an emergency on the road.

A pedestrian is a person who is outside the vehicle on the road and not performing work on it. A person who follows a motorcycle is a pedestrian. Do not confuse with the person driving the motorcycle. This position helps to avoid many fines when parking on the sidewalk, crossing a crossing, etc.

And also, both the motorcyclist and the people he carries must be wearing fastened helmets. No construction, bicycle and other helmets and helmets comply with the rule and are considered a violation of traffic rules.

Parking is an absolute plus for motorcyclists. If there is a two-wheeled vehicle without a side trailer, then it is allowed to put in two rows.

Parking at the corner of the sidewalk is allowed only to several categories of vehicles, including motorcycles.

Forbidden rules:

Ride without holding at least one hand behind the wheel.

Drive along if there is a bike path nearby.

To limit the movement of motorbikes, the sign "Motorcycle is prohibited" is usually set, which does not apply to mopeds.

Motorcycle driving speed

The speed for motorcycles on any road is limited to 90 km / h.

Motorcycle age restrictions

You can drive a motorcycle after reaching 16 years of age and obtaining a category “A” driver’s license. A student learning to ride a motorcycle must be at least 14 years old.

Where can I ride motorcycles in Belarus?

Parking is an absolute plus for motorcyclists. For example, if in a two-wheeled vehicle there is no side trailer, then it is allowed to put in two rows.

Parking at the corner of the sidewalk is allowed only to several categories of vehicles, including motorcycles.

During the daytime, headlights or daytime running lights shall be used to indicate the vehicle.

Motorcycles with and without a side trailer are not allowed to tow.

To limit the movement of motorbikes, the sign "Motorcycle is prohibited" is usually set, which does not apply to mopeds.

Transportation of passengers on motorcycles

When transporting passengers, the actual mass of the vehicle must not exceed the technically permissible total mass of the vehicle established by the organization (factory) of the manufacturer.

It is forbidden to transport:

passengers in the back of a cargo motorcycle and outside the seats provided for by the motorcycle design;

passengers in excess of the amount provided for by the technical characteristics of the vehicle;

Transportation of children on motorcycles

It is forbidden to transport children under the age of twelve in the back seat of a motorcycle or moped.

Responsibility for violation of traffic rules in Belarus

Speed limits’ violation

From January 1, 2020, speeding recorded:

traffic policeman is punishable by a fine of:

up to 27 bel.rub. or a warning - for overspeeding from 10 to 20 km / h;

from 27 to 81 bel.rub. - for overspeeding from 20 to 30 km / h;

from 81 to 270 bel.rub. - for overspeeding 30 or more km / h;

from 135 to 405 bel.rub. or deprivation of rights - for repeated overspeeding

Overspeeding is not considered repeated if the previous overspeed was recorded by an automatic camera.

camera is punished by a fine of:

13.50 bel.rub. - for overspeeding from 10 to 20 km / h;

54 bel.rub. - for overspeeding from 20 to 30 km / h;

108 bel.rub. - for overspeeding from 30 to 40 km / h;

162 bel.rub. - for overspeeding 40 km / h more.

Drunk driving

Driving a vehicle by a person in a state of intoxication or in a condition caused by the use of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues, toxic or other intoxicating substances, or transferring control of a vehicle to such a person, as well as refusing to undergo a check (examination) in the established manner the subject of determining the state of intoxication is punishable by a fine of 1350–2700 Belarusian rubles. (which ranges from 50 to 100 b.v.), as well as deprivation of rights for 3 years.

From January 1, 2020: 1 B.V. = 27 rub.

Responsibility for driving a motorcycle without a license

Driving a vehicle by a person who does not have a document (confirming the right to drive a vehicle of this category), registration or other documents stipulated by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, or refusing to present such documents, as well as transferring the control of the vehicle to a person who does not have a document confirming the right to drive a vehicle of the corresponding category is punished with a warning or a fine of up to 2 b.v.

Failure to stop

Failure by the person driving the vehicle to comply with the requirements of a police officer to stop the vehicle is punishable by a fine of 2 to 10 b.v.

Failure to comply with the person driving the vehicle repeated requirements of an internal affairs officer to stop the vehicle is punishable by a fine of 6 to 20 b.v. or deprivation of the right to manage t / s for up to 1 year.

Violation of the operating rules

Driving a motorcycle having malfunctions of the brake system, steering, with non-burning headlights and taillights (at night and in conditions of insufficient visibility) is punishable by a warning or a fine of up to 3 b.v.

Motorcycle driving training in Belarus

Driving schools

If you want to take motorcycle lessons from scratch or retrain from B to A, you should contact a motorcycle school. Experienced instructors will help you feel more confident on the road, will provide the necessary knowledge and skills for safe driving.

There are many driving schools in Belarus. All schools have different conditions and different prices. Based on this, everyone can find a convenient option for themselves.

Below are some examples of popular driving schools in our country.

Driving school "All categories"

Benefits include:

Installment plan

Free exams retake

Walking distance to classrooms

Weekend Driving Lessons

The ability to take training individually

Planning a driving schedule with a tutor

Driving school "Amfood"

The student takes a full course of study (theory + practice):

Theoretical classes - 170 hours.

The practical part is 18 hours.

Duration of study - 2.5 months.

In 2 and a half months, you will fully learn the rules of the road and the technique of driving a two-wheeled vehicle.

Adult students receive category A rights. Students aged 16-17 are granted A1 rights. Again, after 2 years they will be able to get category A without exams.

Driving school "VirtuosAvto"

In this driving school, all forms of training are possible: morning, afternoon, evening. Weekend classes are also provided. All classes are held twice a week. Training for future drivers is carried out for 3-3.5 months, depending on the circumstances. During this time, students study several metropolitan routes, master the control of a car and its device, and receive the necessary knowledge and skills to obtain a driver’s license. For practical training, the fleet offers cars of European assembly.

Studying at “VirtuosAvto” consists of 170 academic hours of lectures and 50 hours of hands-on training in the subject “Learning to drive a car”.

Video motorcycle driving lessons

If you decide to learn how to drive a motorcycle on your own, then online lessons will help you. To do this, follow the link:

1 link

2 link

3 link

How to get a right to drive a motorcycle in Belarus?

Category A rights give you the opportunity to drive a motorcycle whose engine capacity does not exceed 125 cm3 and whose power does not exceed 11 kW, with a maximum speed of at least 90 km / h.

The knowledge and skills necessary for driving a motorcycle can be obtained independently, however, if you want to feel safe during training, we offer to enroll in training for category A.

You can get the right to a motorcycle in the traffic police after training in driving and passing theoretical and practical exams. The theory test consists of 10 questions. To pass the test, you need to make no more than 1 error. A driving test tests your skills in practice. You will be asked to complete the required elements on a special site. If you successfully pass all the tests, you can assume that you have successfully learned the lessons of driving a motorcycle.

Do I need to be trained to ride a scooter?

Because of its ease of management, many people believe that you do not need to obtain additional permissions to control the scooter. Such a rule has acted before. Taking into account the latest amendments to the legislation, a scooter is equated to motor vehicles for which rights are needed to drive. For its management, obtaining the AM category is required. For a maxi scooter, you need to get category A rights.

Motorcycle Safety

First-aid kit on a motorcycle

A motorcycle with a side trailer must have a medical kit. It should be equipped with drugs (products) suitable for use (with an effective shelf life), according to the list approved by the Ministry of Health.

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