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Online clothing stores in Belarus

In our 21st century, there are many opportunities thanks to the World Wide Web. We would like to tell you more about one of them. People, of course, not only in the 21st century, have a number of needs. One of these needs is the need for clothing. But what if you simply do not have time for shopping. After all, the reasons can be different, starting from work and ending with caring for children. Moreover, there is a category of people who cannot stand stores. And what to do? In this situation, there is no better option than online stores. It’s so convenient: you don’t have to go anywhere, just go to the website, open the catalog and select. In addition, many stores have introduced a service such as fitting at home. Sounds just like a fairy tale, doesn't it?

Multi-Brand Online Stores

Lamoda is a store of clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics and perfumes. The store has a large selection of products. Imagine a wardrobe that contains more than 2 million fashion items: men's, women's and children's clothes, shoes and accessories. You can look into it at any time and order everything you like with free delivery. is the largest online store of clothes, shoes and accessories in Belarus, where over 1000 well-known brands are represented: Nike, Adidas, DKNY and many others. They only cooperate with official distributors and guarantee the authenticity of all products presented on our website. offers free shipping throughout the Republic of Belarus. Choose any product you like, place your order, and you will be delivered it soon.

- In the cities of Minsk, Vitebsk, Mogilev, Gomel, Grodno and Brest, as well as some other large regional cities, there is its own Lamoda Express delivery service and delivery to points of delivery of orders.

Having placed an order in Minsk before 13:00, you will receive it the very next day at a convenient time interval for you. You can also place an order in Minsk before 23:00 with the opportunity to receive it the next day from 15:00 (when delivered by the Lamoda Express service) and from 17:00 (when delivered to the points of delivery of orders). You will also have the opportunity to try on things for 15 minutes and refuse those products that are not suitable for you.

In other cities, delivery is carried out by Postal operators within a few days.

Payment and refund

For the convenience of customers, provides the opportunity to pay for the order in the following ways: advance payment (by credit card online, ERIP), payment at the time of delivery upon receipt of the order. You can redeem the order in whole or in part (only upon delivery by the LMExpress delivery service or to the points of delivery of orders), or refuse the order at all (with any delivery method).

If you decide to return the goods after payment, it’s okay. The term for returning goods to is 14 days by mail and through points of delivery of orders.

This is one of the famous stores, which has several advantages: fast and free delivery, discounts and bonuses, convenient points of delivery, and, of course, a wide range. Wildberries collaborates with many brands such as Adidas, Anta, Antonio Banderas, Calvin Klein, Caprice, Colins, Conte, Converse, Garnier and many others. In this store you can buy clothes and shoes for men, for women, for children, as well as cosmetics and perfumes, stationery, pet supplies, goods for sports and much more. In order to see the entire range follow the link.

Fashionable women's clothing is always there and will be a valuable commodity in the market. These criteria are fully satisfied by the Belarusian knitwear, which has recently been confidently occupying a leading position in the market of fashionable women's clothing from Belarus.

More than a thousand sewing companies stormed the markets of near and far abroad. If a Russian buyer can already easily buy Belarusian knitwear wholesale and retail, then for western and more distant neighbors, fashionable women's clothing from Belarus from the manufacturer is more likely a curiosity than everyday clothing. Sewing enterprises of Belarus make a lot of efforts promoting their products, for example, women's clothing from Brest and Minsk is already very popular far beyond the borders of the country. The geography of sales of Belarusian knitwear is constantly and rapidly expanding, which was made possible thanks to the painstaking work of the clothing industry, which has been developing for decades, inheriting all the valuable experience and skills of previous generations.

The successes of clothing manufacturers give rise to serious internal competition, which in turn leads to improved quality and lower prices for clothing from Belarus. The Monro24 online store will allow you to quickly compare the offer of dozens of manufacturers producing high-quality Belarusian knitwear. Monro24 online store will fill your wardrobe with clothes from Belarus from the manufacturer at the best prices, by passing all intermediaries. On our site we have combined the best Belarusian knitwear into a catalog. A diverse selection of models and sizes will allow any customer to purchase a suitable women's costume wholesale and retail, while spending a minimum of time and effort. A convenient interface, round-the-clock user support and a wide range will make the selection of a personal wardrobe and bulk order a quick and enjoyable process. The store takes care of its customers, constantly improving the process of placing an order and delivering goods to customers! You can also buy Belarusian knitwear without leaving your home. Monro24 online store provides an opportunity for any of its customers to receive clothes from Belarus by mail.

Belarusian clothing brands online

BALUNOVA Fashion Design Studio

The BALUNOVA Fahion Design Studio online store offers a wide range of designer clothes: cocktail and casual dresses, trousers, blouses, coats, jackets and cardigans.

The advantages of this online store:

1) High quality and sophisticated exclusive design that meets global fashion trends. Each collection is developed by a pool of professional artists under the strict guidance of the main ideological inspirer, designer Larisa Balunova.

2) A wide range and perfect fit of clothes. All patterns are carefully calibrated and suitable for figures of different types. Size range: 40-52.

3) The presence of the EAEU declaration, which confirms the conformity of products with the established requirements of the Eurasian Economic Union.

4) Design studio, laboratory, design bureau, sewing shops are located in the Republic of Belarus, Brest, which allows you to quickly deliver orders throughout Belarus.

5) Individual support and support at all stages of the implementation of the order.

6) Loyalty program for regular customers.

7) Free delivering throughout Belarus.

8) The presence of international quality certificates OEKO-Tex, which confirm the absence of harmful and life-threatening substances in the materials used for the production of clothing.


Lakbi is an online store that operates not only in Belarus, but also in other countries.

In this store you can find a large assortment of clothes for men and women of different ages.

Delivery Methods


Simple delivery, delivery time: 3-4 business days, delivery cost – 8 bel.rub. FREE DELIVERY WHEN ORDERING OVER 50 RUBLES


Expedited delivery by postal courier, delivery time: 1-2 days, delivery cost - 15 bel.rub. Delivery without trying on.

When paying for the order by mail, a purchase fee and a commission for the transfer of cash on delivery are charged, which ranges from 1% to 3% of the order value.

You can pay in cash or by card at the Belpochta RUE branch.

The reservation period, as well as the term for payment of the order through the ERIP system is 3 days.

LSD Clothing

The LSD clothing brand was created in 2016 in Vitebsk, Belarus.

Behind the abbreviation is the phrase Lifestyle Simple Design, which reveals the priority of the brand - the creation of everyday comfortable clothing, marked by the quality of Belarusian sewing traditions and constructive innovative solutions.

The founder of the brand, designer Daria Lebedeva, focuses on the functionality, convenience and thoughtfulness of each unit in the collection. All collections are created according to the principle of the designer, where all things are easily combined with each other, and at the same time are self-contained wardrobe items.

The main characteristics of the LSD clothing brand are visual simplicity of design, concise colors and moderation in working with silhouettes. This approach makes brand clothing desirable for women of all ages and professions around the world.

Brand customers live in Belarus, Russia, USA, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Lithuania and Canada. And not only.

LSD clothing - casual clothing of good taste.

To see the assortment of the store follow the link.


Alena Goretskaya is a Belarusian designer who began her creative career in 2002 with the creation of wedding and evening dresses. In the process of development, the Fashion House Papilio was created, the production of which is located in the city of Brest, Belarus.

In 2012, the company registered the brand of women's clothing AlenaGoretskaya - designer images for everyday outings. The daughter of Alexander, who by this time had completed her master's degree in fashion design in Milan, took charge of this clothing line.

Now a whole creative team of designers is working on the collections.

Brand products are the embodiment of sophistication, femininity and elegance.

Collections are created in capsules, so products can be combined and combined with each other. Brand things are distinguished by:

• handmade decorative elements

• exclusive prints and decors

• unique materials

For each collection, designer accessories are made according to the designs of the designers: bags, belts, jewelry that reflect the style of the collection.

The brand’s clothes are ideal for girls who lead a secular lifestyle and prefer bright, catchy images in their outfits; for demanding and demanding connoisseurs of designer clothes in the medium plus segment. Also in the collections of the brand you will find many images for special occasions.

It is important to note that each collection is issued in small ammounts!

In 2015, another brand was registered - AG Green. This line of women's clothing is distinguished by both price policy and style content. These are clothes for a stylish, dynamic, business girl.

The brand’s products are more concise, while they have interesting design solutions, so they attract attention. The definition of “complex in simple” is well suited to the images of this line!

Order registration on the web-site

In order to finish registration of an order in the online store, you just need to follow these steps:

1) Select the product you like in our catalog and put it in the basket;

2) Choose the most suitable method of payment and delivery;

3) Enter the necessary contact details and delivery address;

4) Confirm the order.

How to find the proper size?

In order not to make a mistake with the size, you can ask the online consultant or search the sections of the online store for a dimensional grid and verify your parameters.

Cost of delivery

If in your city there are no representatives of the stores that you need, you can order the goods you like by mail. Shipping in Belarus will cost from 4 to 6 rubles.

Order payment

There are at least two ways to pay for items ordered in online stores: cash on delivery (in the mail when you pick up the package) and full prepayment (deposit money into the store). Some offer partial prepayment, in which case you can pay part of the amount immediately, and the second part upon receipt.

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