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посылки из китая

Parcels from China to Belarus: the best deliveries from China

Nowadays, people prefer to shop online rather than shop in stores. There are reasons for this: after all, you must agree, it is very convenient to sit before the monitor of your computer and choose what you need with home delivery or by mail. Moreover, they usually order not only from the "counters" of their native state, but also goods from abroad. Here, goods from China are very popular, as well as a well-known site - Aliexpress.

Types of deliveries from China to Belarus

In total, there are several types of delivery from China to Belarus:

1. Air delivery is the fastest delivery of cargo. Suitable for those who value delivery speed. This method is applicable to small and relatively light loads.

2. Sea delivery (transportation in a container by sea) is the cheapest, but at the same time, the longest way to deliver cargo. Suitable for oversized and heavy loads such as industrial equipment, heavy equipment, large quantities of goods.

3. Delivery by rail (transportation in a container by rail) - as with sea delivery, railroad delivery is applicable for oversized and heavy loads such as industrial equipment, heavy equipment, and so on.

Container delivery from China

Why is it convenient to transport cargo in a container?

Strong and hermetically sealed containers are the optimal container for long-distance cargo transportation. The risks of damage and theft are minimal. The movement speed is high. The low cost of shipping a container from China to Belarus or Europe is due to the following points:

  • Choosing the right vehicle for each section of the route.
  • Low price of sea freight (freight transit fee).
  • No overloading when changing the type of transportation.
  • Possibility to transport a container from China with several consignments of the same type of cargo.

Types of containers:

  • Standard
  • Special
  • Refrigerators
  • High Cube

Types of cargoes

The main types of cargoes that is imported from China:

Bulk - this includes bulk and liquid cargo, as well as building materials. Usually the goods are purchased in large quantities.

General - packed in boxes, bags, barrels, bales. This may include oversized cargo.

Cargoes requiring special temperature conditions and transportation conditions.

Companies providing logistics services from China

The company “Transconsult Brest” has existed since 1996. Advantages in the field of international cargo transportation and logistics:

  1. 22+ years of successful logistics;
  2. 250+ experts;
  3. The best road carrier 2018;
  4. Best Freight Forwarder 2018;
  5. 98% of clients rated the company's services positively this year;
  6. 16.000+ shipments for the last year to more than 70 countries of the world;
  7. More than 300 oversized cargo per year and more than 300 deliveries of other cargo weekly;
  8. 55+ Euro-5 and Euro-6 trucks in our own fleet, including 24 trawls for the transportation of oversized cargo.

The system of the company's work allows you to find the most convenient scheme of actions, plan financial and time costs, minimize delivery time and track the stages of order execution, informing customers about it.

The company “Amalfini” provides consulting services for the organization of logistics on a turnkey basis: search for goods and suppliers, delivery of goods around the world, cargo clearance and certification. In addition, “Amalfini” organizes business tours to China and Turkey.

Large and small wholesale, efficient logistics solutions and guaranteed timely delivery of goods from China to Minsk are the main activities of “Amalfini”. Building reliable business relationships with foreign manufacturers and suppliers is one of the foundations of a competent business.

“Amalfini” carries out road transport of goods, rail transport, sea transport, and air transport of goods, certification of goods and services, translation services.

The “Tagents” company is a customs representative. After the conclusion of the contract of agency, the company's specialists will be authorized to represent the interests of your organization in the customs authorities. The representative will accompany the import delivery until the moment the cargo is released from the temporary storage warehouse (TSW). In this case, your personal presence is not required.

The company is engaged in customs clearance of imports, exports, as well as statistical declaration.

ACE Logisitcs Bel represents the holding ACE Logistic since 2011 in Belarus. Over the years, the company has managed to establish cooperation with clients throughout the country, as well as acquire new partners around the world.

In addition to transportation, ACE Logistic provides a whole range of logistics services. This can be full documentary support, customs clearance, warehouse services and so on. Thus, the company organizes your delivery at all stages.

The company specializes in different areas, but the priority and most developed are:

  • China;
  • European countries;
  • Middle East;
  • Asia.

The company delivers goods all over the world. There is also a successful experience in delivering goods to Africa, America, and Australia.

ACE Logistics Bel uses a variety of modes of transport: sea, road, air and railway. The choice of vehicle is always agreed with the client.

The main activity of Belarustaobao is the selection, redemption and delivery of goods and China “on a turnkey basis”.

The company provides services:

  • search and selection of goods
  • communication with suppliers from China
  • turnkey delivery

Customs clearance and certification of goods from China

Delivery of goods from China to the Republic of Belarus occurs on a regular basis. This is not surprising, since the activities of many companies are directly related to this area. China is the largest exporter of a wide variety of goods. To order products to be guaranteed reliable, you need to pay attention to such an aspect as customs clearance. If customs clearance is not carried out in accordance with all available rules, there is a high probability that you will not wait for your goods.

Customs clearance and delivery to Belarus is a part of a trade operation that cannot be dispensed with.

Customs clearance from China can be of two types:

  • simplified;
  • complete.

Simplified customs clearance is suitable when it comes to the transportation of personal belongings. Some entrepreneurs break the product into small batches. Then the cargo is transported as personal items. This can significantly reduce the cost of transportation. However, in this case, there are many risks.

If the company is planning a long and successful activity, full-fledged customs clearance is recommended, which will guarantee the safe transportation of cargo. The price in this case will be higher.

Customs clearance of cargo from China cannot do without the main document, which is the customs declaration. Customs clearance is carried out according to one of the following schemes:

Self-submission of the customs declaration. This option is chosen by medium-sized or large firms, which have a corresponding specialist on their staff. The first submission of the declaration implies the provision of a wide list of documents on the registration and activities of the company to the customs.

Plus: independent control of all stages.

Minus: you need a special employee or free time to resolve the issue.

Customs clearance of cargo from China with the help of a broker. In this case, the broker takes care of all the issues related to registration. An experienced customs broker is a person who has the necessary experience in resolving any issues and the right to work with customs. Risks when working with a broker are minimized.

To properly carry out customs clearance, you need a lot of documents:

  • An invoice, which will indicate the size and composition of the cargo, as well as all conditions for cost, characteristics and conditions of purchase.
  • Packing list.
  • All information about the recipient, conditions and methods of transportation, photos, purpose and name of the goods, and so on. The complete list of required data is wide enough, and it is best to entrust their filling to specialists.

However, the main document for import into the territory of the Republic of Belarus is the customs declaration. A clear and complete registration of customs documents will avoid problems at special points.

Customs rates for parcels from China

If goods in a parcel from abroad cost more than 22 euro and weigh more than 10 kilogram, then you have to pay duty plus a fixed customs fee. Such limits apply to individuals and goods for personal use. For excess, you will have to pay 15 percent of the amount in excess of 22 euro (but not less than 2 euro per kilogram).

Fixed customs fee - 5 euro.

The monthly limit also applies - for all parcels with a total weight of 31 kilogram and an amount of 200 euro.

The exception is made by people with certain diseases, approved by laws. Other limits apply to them - they can import specific medicines and dietary products up to the amount of 200 euro per month (weight up to 31 kilogram). That is, the limits on one-time parcels for them do not apply.

Delivery of parcels from China via Russia

Both Russia and Belarus are parts of the Customs Union, and the delivery of parcels between our countries takes place without taking into account duties. Shops and companies offer their customers to send purchases made in China, Europe and the USA to a Moscow warehouse with further delivery to the Republic of Belarus.

Order delivery from AliExpress into Belarus

Delivery of goods from Aliexpress to Belarus has been very well established over the years. The site does not impose any special restrictions on the delivery of parcels to Belarus. The goods are shipped all over the world and on virtually equal terms. The main thing is to fill in the address and name of the recipient in Latin letters so that the information is readable in all possible countries along the way. Alternatively, you can track your package using the website.