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Parking in Belarus

The transport system is actively developing in Belarus, which means that the parking system is also developing. The article will tell you about the variety of parking lots in Minsk and how to pay for them.

Free parking in Minsk

Minsk motorists are sorely lacking places for free parking. Moreover, every year free parking will lose its relevance because a lot of competition requires decisive measures.

Today, the number of paid parking spaces significantly exceeds the number of free ones, but they are still available. Free parking is available for residents of elite residential complexes with multi-level parking, as well as clients of numerous institutions in Minsk. All information about paid and free parking in the capital is presented below.

Paid parking in Minsk

Paid parking spaces have been created to reduce the transport and environmental burden on city streets and city residents.

The task of owners of paid parking lots is to provide the most convenient conditions for using and paying for parking spaces.

The cost of paid parking in Minsk

With a limited resource, the only correct solution is to introduce a service fee. Thus, there are more than 45 paid parking lots in Minsk. The average cost of parking for 1 hour is 2 BYN, but depending on the uniqueness and demand for a place, the price may increase.

Open parking lots in Minsk

From the end of March, paid open-type street parking in Minsk will be operating in summer. On weekdays, you need to pay for parking in these places from 9:00 to 18:00.

At the same time, motorists are warned that it is necessary to pay for parking in a timely manner. The payment rate and the validity period of the paid parking lot are indicated on the information boards in the paid parking zones. The car owner is obliged to make a payment from the moment of parking in the paid parking zone.

Closed parking lots in Minsk

Indoor parking is usually provided to customers of shopping and entertainment centers. Some of them are paid:

• Zamok - free parking;

• Galileo - paid parking (excluding cinema visitors);

• Galleria - paid parking;

• Arena City - free parking;

• Titan - free parking;

• Stolitsa - paid parking;

• Skala - free parking.

Parking cards

Each car owner needs to purchase a parking card at the kiosks "Minsktrans", "Soyuzpechat". They are intended to indicate all parking-related data (time/date). The driver must leave this card under the windshield in case of leaving. A map with up-to-date information will ensure that you comply with the parking payment rules.

SMS parking

Payment for a parking space is also possible through a Belarusian mobile operator. To do this, you need to send an SMS with the specification of your license plate to number 204.

For each subsequent hour, you must send 1 message. If your payment was successful, you will receive an SMS message from this number, where the number of your vehicle will be registered, as well as the end time of the paid parking period.

USSD parking

Another way to pay for a parking space is to send a USSD request to number 204 indicating the license plate numbers. If your payment was successful, you will receive an SMS reply with the same content as in the previous method.

Parking meters

Parking meters are special machines designed to pay for parking. If there is a parking meter inside, you can pay for parking in cash or by credit card, following its instructions.

Parking tickets

Subscriptions are purchased only to pay for open-type parking lots. The availability of a subscription does not guarantee you the availability of free parking spaces.

You can purchase a subscription for a certain number of calendar days for one or more parking zones (streets).

To purchase a subscription, you should go to the official website, go through the registration stage, select a paid parking zone in the subscriptions section, and then follow the instructions on the website.

AisDrive mobile app

To make it easier to pay for parking, you can download the aisDrive application in AppStore or Google Play.

You bind your phone number to the application, and the funds are debited from the balance of the phone number. The application will automatically send an SMS to 204 and link your notification to the corresponding parking zone.

Payment for bank transfer

Payment for a parking space is made on the basis of an agreement concluded with the "Parking of the capital". The standard form of the contract can be found on the official website

According to the agreement, all the money collected from paying for parking spaces is transferred directly to the budget of Minsk. If you paid for parking by mistake by credit card, your funds are non-refundable. Be careful!

Penalty for parking in the wrong place

Below is the current information on the amount of the fine in Belarus for incorrect parking of vehicles.

Today, violators are required to pay:

• 29 BYN - for stopping or parking in violation of traffic rules;

• 58 BYN - for a stop at a place for the disabled;

• 145 BYN - for stopping or parking a car not intended for participation in road traffic.

• 290 BYN - for repeated violation of traffic rules within a year.

The amount of the fine is set based on the base amount.

Often, for the first time, in case of minor violations, drivers are issued a written warning.

You can get acquainted with the size of the liability for parking in the wrong network on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus.