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Phone numbers everyone should know

The majority of people are confident that they will not get into trouble. They don't know how to behave confronting with difficulties. We are told about the main emergency numbers in schools, but do we remember all of them? Today we will tell you where to call in case of problems. Remember the phone numbers, and we hope you don't need them.

101 - Ministry of Emergency Situations

The main task when calling the Emergencies Ministry is to tell what happened and give the address. It is advisable to remain calm, this will allow the dispatcher to better understand you and agree.

Rescuers will be sent only in case of a threat to life and health of people. You shouldn't call the Emergencies Ministry if your door just slammed shut. For such cases, there is a paid door opening service.

When you call the Emergencies Ministry in the event of a fire, clarify what exactly is on fire. It can be a 16-storey building or a trash can near it. The dispatcher must know how much equipment to send, so it is worth warning about the scale of the disaster. In a matter of seconds, you need to say the address, but if you don't know it, then take a look around, tell us about the landmarks. The service immediately leaves for the disaster site. The firefighters still need to go down to the garage, put on combat clothes, get into the car, leave - they have a minute for that. Therefore, they will come to you as soon as possible!

102 - police

You have the right to call the police service as soon as you witness an offense anywhere in the country. The scale of the crime does not matter, whether it is the theft or an act of terrorism.

It is the duty of the attendant to accept your call. You do not need to give your number or address, refusal to name them is not a reason for refusal to accept the message. Moreover, you do not have to be at the crime scene when the police arrive. Your task is to describe in detail the crime when contacting 102. If you have provided all the comprehensive information, then you do not even have to answer further calls.

You can check the result of the police work through a statement to the Department of Internal Affairs with the question of what measures were taken upon your call.

103 - ambulance

When dialing 103, be sure of the following answers:

• Patient's name;

• His age;

• His condition should be described in as much detail as possible.

Next, you need to provide the exact address where the ambulance team should go. The dispatcher will ask your name, surname and telephone number if the patient is not the one who calls at 103. Describe all the entrances to the house, tell us about all the nuances (broken intercom, security at the entrance to the courtyard, etc.), this will speed up the process of providing the necessary treatment.

How long does it take for the ambulance to arrive? It depends on the nature of the call priority. It can be urgent (accidents; road traffic accidents; falling from a height; extensive burns; hanging, etc.), urgent (arrhythmia; heart attack; foreign body; frostbite; childbirth; asthma attack, etc.) and urgent (allergy; headache pain; renal colic; significant change in blood pressure; acute urinary retention; food poisoning, etc.).

104 - emergency gas service

If you enter or are in an apartment and smell gas, in no case light a fire, do not turn on the lights and electrical appliances. In the case of children, you must immediately inform adults about this, immediately open the windows, turn off the tap on the gas pipe (be sure to teach the children to cope with this on their own) and call the emergency gas service from the neighbors by phone 104 or the rescue service by phone 101. If the smell gas in the apartment is very strong, then do not take any action and immediately leave the apartment, call the same emergency gas service from your neighbors by phone 104 or the rescue service by phone 101.

105 - information desk of the railway station

By calling the number, you can find out information about the availability and cost of tickets, about the current timetable for suburban and intercity, as well as the possibility of booking tickets. The help desk works around the clock, so all information can be found at any convenient time.

106 - Air Transport Information

One of the important numbers that you must remember.

Experts will solve any issue related to the operation of air transport.

Taxi 007

City taxi service 007 is a modern way of ordering a taxi in Belarus. Intercity taxi services, taxi to the airport, meeting at the train station, corporate service and other destinations will become much more affordable with taxi 007.

Download the mobile application and order a taxi in Belarus at any time.

114 - information center of the bus station

You can get to the bus station by numerous trolleybus routes. The proximity to the main railway station of the city allows using any transport going to this place.

But you do not have to go to the station to check the availability of tickets, travel details and other questions of interest. It is enough to dial 114 and you will be given a full consultation.

116 - car assistance

If your car is damaged or you find yourself in an unpleasant situation on the road, car assistance is always ready to provide its services. Feel free to call 116, and experienced specialists will solve any issue.

135 - order a taxi, tow truck, delivery of drunk drivers

Taxi service 135 works for you around the clock. Professional drivers of the Minsk taxi service "Stolitsa 135" will accurately and quickly deliver you to the desired address, and even treat you to sweets on the way.

Moreover, today more and more cars with number 135 on board are equipped with wireless Internet access points. You can use the Internet for free by asking the driver for the Wi-Fi password.

The service provides not only taxi services, but also a tow truck. It is very convenient to have such an assistant in the most difficult situations. Not to mention the drunk driver delivery service. All taxi drivers are tactful and understanding, so feel free to dial 135.

199 - information service about emergency telephone numbers

The service is provided with the participation of the operator and provides for the announcement by the autoinformer of the digits of the requested landline telephone number of the following groups of organizations: emergency and special services, hospitals, sobering-up centers, hospitals, dispensaries, antenatal clinics, MEDEC, support points, polyclinics, maternity hospitals, medical centers (state).

There is no charge for the service, only time-based charges are charged for a full and incomplete minute of a local telephone connection. When accessing the service at 199, subscribers of the cellular mobile telecommunications network are charged at the rates of the mobile network operator.

290-44-44, 315-00-00 - anonymous helplines

Anyone can:

• Talk to an attentive counselor and be sure that it will remain a secret;

• Establish contact with someone you can confide in;

• To be accepted as a person as a whole, with all his experiences, problems and desires;

• Express feelings and thoughts without being judged or pressured;

• Get help and find your way to a normal life.

If you are in a difficult life situation and it seems to you that there is no way out - call!