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Politicians who had COVID-19

2020 is shaking with the scale of COVID-19 disasters. The virus appeared not so long ago, in December 2019, and took thousands of lives with it. Until recently, not everyone believed in the existence of this problem, but the number of victims is growing, which throws away doubts. Today we will tell you which presidents have had COVID-19 and who coped with the virus.

Albert II

The coronavirus has not spared the world's population, and this applies not only to the citizens of countries, but also to their authorities. Not everyone is lucky enough to stay healthy, even with all the precautions. So, for example, on March 19 it became known that Albert II, Prince of Monaco, was diagnosed with a coronavirus infection. By the way, the Prince of Monaco a couple of days before, on March 14, celebrated his birthday - 62 years old. The prince became the first monarch to carry the virus, as reported on the official Facebook page when confirming the diagnosis. On the eve of this announcement, the prince urged his nation to observe precautions and social distance.

Fortunately, the ruler quickly recovered, and on March 31 it was known about his recovery. The Prince's Palace immediately confirmed the information about his well-being, and in the future, he repeatedly urged to observe isolation measures and reduce the number of contacts.

Prince Charles

The next ruler to contract a coronavirus infection was Prince Charles. Information about the illness of the 71-year-old heir to the throne appeared on March 25. It was noted that the prince's symptoms were rather mild, and the disease was mild. He was in self-isolation for the whole week, and then, with the permission of the attending physician, returned to his duties. But it continues to comply with generally accepted UK recommendations.

Boris Johnson

Another British politician has had a coronavirus infection. It turned out to be British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His infection became known on March 27. Johnson was in serious condition for several weeks with a high fever and a persistent cough. Nevertheless, the Prime Minister continued to lead the government and was in touch with the Cabinet of Ministers.

On April 5, Boris Johnson was hospitalized, and 24 hours later he was transferred to the intensive care unit. The doctors did a good job of improving the politician's condition, and after a week Johnson was already feeling well. Then he released a video message in which he thanked the staff of the British National Health System and said that he owed them his life.

Nadine Dorris

On March 11, the presence of coronavirus infection was confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Health of Great Britain, Nadine Dorris. The high specialist, being aware of the transmission of infection, quickly switched to self-isolation, cut off all contacts, which served her to quickly recover. It is reported that after illness, 62-year-old Nadine lost her taste and smell.

Donald Trump

Recently, it became known that the current President of the United States, Donald Trump, was diagnosed with coronavirus on October 1. The President himself announced this on his Twitter page. Journalists say that when holding campaign events the day before, Trump neglected to observe precautions and did not wear a mask, surrounded by hundreds of supporters.

Donald Trump was hospitalized at Walter Reed, and on October 3 he posted a video where he confirmed that he was feeling much better than the previous couple of days. Trump himself believes that he had no chance not to get infected, since he cannot afford to sit in an office when such important events take place in his country.

In the video, he also thanked the staff at the military hospital, who he said is working hard to get it back on track as soon as possible.

It is confirmed that Donald Trump's wife, Melania Trump, is doing well and does not feel any signs of illness.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows reports that doctors are stubbornly monitoring the President's condition and while he is still on the road to recovery.

Jair Bolsonaro

On July 7, the head of state of Brazil was diagnosed with a coronavirus. He decided to take a coronavirus test after he developed symptoms of a respiratory infection: lethargy and fatigue, muscle pain, fever. The test came back positive, despite the fact that Bolsonaro had taken an antimalarial drug the day before, which is advertised by Donald Trump, but which has not received support as a therapeutic or preventive drug against COVID-19 in the scientific community. All the time, being ill, the President was in self-isolation mode. Bolsonaro was again tested on July 21, which showed that he was still ill. Then he passed the test again and on July 25 announced that he was healthy.

It is noteworthy that Bolsonaro was an ardent opponent of the mask regime, and even after an illness, he continues to go out to journalists without a mask and does not observe social distance.

Mikhail Mishustin

The first politician in Russia with a confirmed coronavirus was Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. This became known on April 30. Mishustin was sent for treatment, where he transferred the virus without severe consequences. But he still considers his recovery "a difficult story", as the process was not so easy. Again, the minister expresses his deep gratitude to the doctors who put him on his feet, that on May 19 he started his duties.