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Rental housing in Minsk: prices and conditions

What do people usually do when they need to stay in a certain city, but there is no housing in it? Right. They are renting the place. In this article we will tell you about the nuances that are usually encountered by those who decide to rent an apartment or house. Rental housing, in fact, is a very difficult question. Minsk is full of options for different tastes, so anyone can afford to rent a house. As Minsk is a large city, apartment prices are very different depending on the distance to the city center. If you decide to find a convenient housing option for yourself, then this article will be useful to you.

Apartment rent in Minsk

Lacking their own housing in a particular city, people often need to use rental housing services. Arriving in Minsk, you can be sure that you will find your own variant, as the capital of Belarus has a large selection of apartments. Prices for rental housing vary depending on certain factors: district, quality of repair, number of rooms, amount of furniture, infrastructure development and so on. In order to rent an apartment, you can contact the real estate agency. Realtors will help you in choosing a home and make sure that the deal is framed correctly. Naturally, in this case, the realtor takes his percentage for the work. There is a second option. You can use the sites on the Internet that show all the necessary information about the apartment, as well as the data of the owners of the apartment. The most popular among these sites are: onliner , booking,

House rent in Minsk

In the capital of our country, you can rent not only an apartment, but also a house. There are options for the long term and for the short term (house for a day and so on). House prices vary depending on certain conditions. To rent a house is usually more expensive than an apartment.

Rental Websites

The most popular rental sites in Minsk:








There are the 7 most popular sites above, by clicking on the links you can view the assortment of apartments in different areas of Minsk, as well as their good and detailed description.

Airbnb in Belarus

In the modern world, such a hobby as traveling to different countries is gaining more and more popularity. During their stay in other countries and cities, people usually stay in hotels or rent apartments or houses for a short time. Today, Airbnb service is gaining popularity in different countries; it has not deprived our country of attention either. So, what kind of service is this and what are its advantages over traditional hotels?

How to find an apartment in Minsk?

Internet sites will help you to find apartments in Minsk, the most popular of them are listed above. On the expanses of these sites you will find a description, photographs, as well as contacts of the owners of apartments or agencies that are involved in the rental of these apartments.

The average cost of renting an apartment for 24 hours in Minsk

The cost of apartments in Minsk varies depending on various conditions, including location, repair and so on. So, for example, in the central district of Minsk, an apartment with a good repair and Internet access costs about 60-70 Belarusian rubles. And in Pervomaisky and Frunzensky districts, which are further from the city center, an apartment with the same conditions will cost about 50 Belarusian rubles. Relatively speaking, the farther the apartment is from the city centre; the lower will be its cost.

Also, in finding an apartment for a day, this website will help you. On this site, you will be able to step by step indicate all the conditions you need. After that, the system will select you a house in accordance with your requirements. Also on this site you can book an apartment and pay for your reservation.

The average cost of renting an apartment for a month in Minsk

The average cost of renting an apartment for a month in Minsk can be found directly on special sites.

The average price for a one-room apartment in Minsk is about $ 240. The cost of renting a two-room apartment is about $ 278. A three-room apartment in Minsk for a month will cost you about 360 dollars.

Further, the cost depends on the location and repair. As a rule, the sites also have a section "luxury apartments". Their cost, of course, is much higher. The approximate cost of such an apartment ranges from 700 to 1,500 dollars per month.

Calculate the cost of an apartment in Minsk and, at the same time, take into account all the conditions, a special site will help you.

Housing conditions in Minsk

Housing conditions in our capital can be found very different, starting with old apartments that require serious repairs and ending with European-style apartments with ultra-modern layout and furniture. Naturally, as in any other city and country, the population in Minsk is very different. And it’s not a secret to anyone that people will always be divided into categories rich and poor. And in accordance with this fact, housing and living conditions will be different.

In Minsk, as in the capital, of course, the conditions are much better than in any other city and finding a good apartment with good living conditions is not difficult. recommends

The section recommends that you can view the best and most current rental options for you, divided into two subheadings.

How will the apartments in these two points differ? In the tourist areas within the accessibility you will have the sights of the capital, which you can see only when you leave your home and walk a few meters. In addition, perhaps your windows will overlook the picturesque sights of the capital. If you want a more peaceful place, without a large crowd, for example, you better choose an apartment in an ordinary residential area.

Rental apartments in tourist areas

If you decide to live in the very center of attractions, then the search is best to begin with what interesting place you want to live near. For example, near the Dynamo stadium, there is an excellent apartment option. The price will depend on the number of days. The apartment is only 700 meters from the stadium. It features a restaurant, free internet and much more. Another example would be an apartment near the Palace of the Republic. Not far from it is the Apart-hotel «Guest house». The windows of this house offer gorgeous views of the city of Minsk.

Rental apartments in residential areas

If you still decide to take a break from the hustle and crowd, then a residential area, possibly even remote from the center, is a great choice. In most residential areas of the city of Minsk there is a very well-developed infrastructure, so if you want to take a ride to the sights and entertainment, it will not be difficult for you.