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Review of taxi services providers in Belarus

Taxi probably the most comfortable way to move in a big city. Taxi services are booming now in Minsk.  For your safety and comfort we offer you to get acquainted with taxi mobile apps  .

Taxi Gorod


такси город

This app is available for  Apple, Android и Windows Phone.

Mobile app allows:

  • To safe the user’s profile
  • Detect your location automatically
  • Use the call history list
  • Make a u-turn for your route
  • Find clubs, bars etc.

The application aggregates several taxi services, so different cars and price segments are always available. Prices are  $0,28-0.6 and depends on car ant taxi service you have chosen . The application includes a system of the final cost of the trip so it means means that the amount at the end of the trip will be the same as the application calculated at the beginning, provided that the route didn’t change. In this app you can pay by card.



iq taxi                          iq taxi 3


This mobile app is available for  Apple, Android.

For the make an order you should:

- make a registration in the application

- wait till the program find you or write your location and press the button “order”

- after this you should find your point of destination or write “in the city” if you still don’t know your route

- after this you can see the preliminary cost of the order, drivers who are near you, distance to the near driver. Press the button “Go”  

- you’ll see offers from the drivers, costs, cars and ranking

- if you hasn’t write your point of destination you’ll see the prices of each driver

- after all you can choose the driver, a car and find your the price

- if the point of destination didn’t put before you’ll get the sms at the end of the trip.

Next App




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This mobile app is available for  Apple, Android.

When your order a car you choose a rate: standard, comfort or minivan and can see the preliminary cost of the trip. At the end of the trip you’ll get a report on your  e-mail.

In this app you can use a card, including Halva.