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Shopping centers in Brest

Brest is one of the most European cities in Belarus, as it has common borders with Poland. Residents of Belarus and tourists who love to come here to admire the attractions also fan of shopping. Today we will tell you about the best shopping centers in Brest and how they are represented.

Best shopping centers in Brest

Today, a shopping center is not just a place to shop, but also a kind of entertainment place. Modern shopping malls are stocked with all kinds of entertainment, which is why some families spend that weekend. Below is a list of the best ones.

Gallery Grand

Gallery Grand is a modern multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex that welcomes guests every day from 09.00 to 20.00. You can find it right in the center of Brest, at the intersection of Kuibyshev and Pushkinskaya streets at st. Kuibyshev, 15.

The shopping center is a three-storey complex on the shelves of which you can find famous foreign and Belarusian brands. Here you can find any product, from buying electronics at the Electrosila store to buying shoes at Shagovita.

Gallery Grand has its own parking lot, which helps drivers find a place right in the city center.

Domus City

Another shopping center that opens up prospects for shopaholics is Domus City. The shopping center is located at st. Moskovskaya, 208a (near to Corona hypermarket) and opens its doors daily from 10.00 to 21.00.

In Domus City you can find not only everyday things, but also construction and furniture novelties from more than 20 companies.

On the 1st floor there is a visa center where you can apply for a visa to Poland, Lithuania and Greece without an appointment.

The shops listed above are located on the 2nd floor.

On the 3rd floor there is the Adrenaline fitness club, which works according to the same schedule as the shopping center, and makes it possible to get the body in shape using special programs.


Equator has already become a family shopping center in Brest, as all conditions have been created here for a comfortable pastime and shopping. In the store, everyone can find what they came for and get a lot of positive emotions. Often, they come here with children, as they can be well entertained here, and adults should do their best.

On store shelves you can see Belarusian brands such as Milavitsa, Belita-Vitex, Ksenia Kostukevich and Mark Formelle curtain showrooms, as well as foreign brands David Jones, B2G, Catch, etc.

A healthy Green supermarket can be found on the first floor of the mall. A diverse range of products is presented here, and the policy of the company "Eat right" allows you to please all customers

Atis Hall

Not far from the Belarus cinema is the Atis Hall shopping center. You can find it at st. Sovietskaya, 68.

The buildings are represented by 3 floors:

• On the ground floor there is a wedding salon, clothing repair, several shoe shops and cafes;

• The second floor can delight you with fashion shops, a travel agency and a bedding shop;

• On the third floor, you will find a children's entertainment room, children's clothing stores and a wedding salon.

The Atis Hall shopping center is open seven days a week from 10.00 to 20.00.

7 continent

Not far from the station at st. Kuibyshev, 9 is a shopping center 7 continent. The shopping center offers a wide range of goods and services. On the shelves of local shops there are goods of famous Belarusian manufacturers "Kalinka" and "Romgil", toy manufacturer "Polesie", health prevention studio "EcoStadi".

On the top floor there is a full cycle advertising agency "BIS +", which is looking forward to its regular and new clients.

Services in shopping centers

Today shopping centers have become a full-fledged entertainment place for residents of Brest, where they can spend a whole weekend.

Food courts

Cafe "Dumas" in the Gallery grand shopping center has already become a center of attraction for cheerful companies. This is facilitated by an interesting interior, a varied coffee palette and business lunches, which make this place a universal place for relaxation and communication.

DA'CAR Pizza pizzeria is presented in the Equator shopping center. Here you can taste the most delicious pizza prepared by real professionals who are attentive to your preferences.

Ice Arena

Unfortunately, the shopping centers in Brest are not equipped with an ice arena, but don't worry. You can go ice skating, arrange a date or just have fun in the ice arena at st. Moscow 151.


You can watch new films in the Belarus cinema at st. Sovietskaya. 62. The hall is equipped with new equipment and a screen, which allows you to enjoy the premieres in a new quality.

At the moment, the large hall of the cinema "Belarus" has 496 seats. Including 88 VIP-seats on sofas, 36 ottomans that can be adjusted to the shape and position of a person.

Markets in Brest

In total, there are 13 markets in Brest, of which 2 are food, 5 clothing, 1 auto and 5 mixed.

It would seem that the markets are losing their relevance, but by going to one of these you will understand that this is not the case. The markets have a wide selection of products that are sold from their own gardens. Especially in summer, you can always find fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and other vegetables / fruits depending on the season.

Construction stores in Brest

The most popular hardware stores are rightfully considered:

• Paradise is a modern hardware store with a wide selection of tiles. Address: st. Shevchenko, 6;

• Mainland is a construction hypermarket known throughout Belarus. Address: st. July 28, 30;

• Oma is a hardware store that has earned the trust of customers for quality, prices and location throughout Belarus. Address: Varshavskoe shosse, 1a.

What should you buy in Belarus?

Belarusian goods have always been distinguished by the quality mark, therefore, when going shopping, guests of our country always choose only Belarusian goods. In the top of the most frequent purchases - clothes, shoes and haberdashery, cosmetics, home textiles and dishes, souvenirs, sweets and chocolate, alcohol.

What sights to see nearby?

No matter where you are, every tourist visits the main street of the city at least once. In Brest, as in many other cities of Belarus, Sovetskaya is such a street. There are many sights here, such as the sculpture "Old Town", the Millennium Monument of Brest, the sculpture of a bat with a lantern in its claws - a symbol of the fact that darkness will never come in Brest, as well as the nightly ritual of lighting lanterns by a real lamplighter.

Sovetskaya Street, especially on weekends, is filled with residents of Brest and tourists who come here to appreciate the beauty of the city and have fun. Some tourists call this street the local Arbat, as the atmosphere is similar. Here you can also see the pedestrian zone, numerous cafes and hear the performances of local musicians.