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Shopping centers in Mogilev

Shopping centers have become popular weekend spots today. You can buy groceries, things, entertain children, go to the movies and get a lot of positive emotions in modern shopping centers. Today we will tell you about the best shopping centers in Mogilev, how they entertain guests and what assortment they prepare.

The best shopping centers in Mogilev

Over the years, Mogilev has become an increasingly interesting city to visit, thanks to exhibitions in underground passages, soap bubble festivals, developed infrastructure and modern shopping centers. Below is a list of the best ones.

Park City

Park City is a one-story multifunctional complex located at ul. Minskoe shosse, 31.

On the shelves of the Park City shopping center you can see brands of domestic and foreign production, including: Kari, LC Waikiki, Oodji, Concept Club, Colin’s, Sela, etc. In general, Park City provides an opportunity to purchase goods of any category: fashionable clothes, goods for children, cosmetics, shoes, goods for home and office. From entertainment in the shopping center there is a children's club, and for those who like to eat, a food court with a large selection of dishes.

There is a parking lot next to Park City where customers can leave their car. This is very convenient, because now you don't have to look for a parking space, spending a lot of time on it.

PerekrestOK center

PerekrestOK Center is a large shopping center that provides not only a grocery assortment, but also a large selection of shops where everyone will find what they like. The shopping center is located at Kosmonavtov, 2.

At the Crossroads you will find shops such as

Kari, YOUR, Mark Formelle, FOROOM, 7 Carat, Mila, etc. In addition to shops, the shopping center provides the opportunity to rent premises for business, use the services of a bank, pharmacy and mobile operators.

Near the Crossroads, you can see high-tech parking, which is free for the first 45 minutes of your stay.


Shopping center E-City is a modern complex located at st. Gagarin, 79.

The assortment of the shopping center is represented by the following stores:

• Mothercare - a chain of children's goods stores;

• Yves Rocher - French cosmetics store;

• Gulliver - affordable children's clothing for every day;

• Columbia - sportswear;

• Baon - stylish clothing store;

• LC Waikiki - store of inexpensive clothing and footwear for the whole family.

The main property of this shopping center is the Euroopt hypermarket.

E-City is equipped with a modern parking lot for 250 spaces, so everyone can find a parking space for themselves.


If you were looking for a shopping center of European standards, then Panorama is ready to offer its services. The mall presents more than 100 stores in one building, don't give your visitors a chance to leave without shopping. Those who like to spend their leisure time in the shopping center will have a lot of positive impressions at st. Krylenko, 10.

The shopping center presents a wide range of goods of various categories: footwear, men's and women's clothing, household and pet goods, textiles and sports goods, accessories and bags, underwear, perfumes and cosmetics, jewelry and watches, leather and furs, stationery, dishes and more.

The shopping center is popular among visitors and guests of the city, so many brands want to be represented in Panorama. Here you will find a lot of entertainment, a flexible system of discounts and a wide range of goods.

Armada Atlas

In the shopping center Armada Atlas, there is a large number of pavilions of different sizes and offering goods of Belarusian and foreign brands. The shopping center is based on the sale and sale of various goods for children. In honor of this, the second floor of Armada Atlas is proudly named "Children's World". Here you can visit Buslik, Kari kids, Komarik, and Rockit children's cafe, where you can distract and entertain your little one.

The shopping center also features a pharmacy, beauty salon, travel agency services, banking services and the opportunity to purchase souvenirs, jewelry and a bouquet of fresh flowers.

You can take a breath after a difficult day in the Burger-Pizza cafe, which is so loved by the residents of Mogilev.

Services in shopping centers

Today, many malls have switched to the status of shopping and entertainment centers, as they provide an opportunity not only to purchase goods, but also to spend quality time.

Food courts

For those who like to relax and take a breath after another shopping, the Park City shopping center provides an opportunity to have a snack at Burger pizza, Bonjour, CITY FOOD and SUSHI HOUSE cafes.

Here you can dine, meet friends or decide to choose a dress over a cup of coffee.

Ice Arena

Unfortunately, at the moment the shopping center in Mogilev is not equipped with ice arenas. But do not despair, because you can enter the ice arena Mogilev Ice Palace, which offers year-round ice skating at st. Gagarin, 1.


Movie lovers will have to go to the Starlight Cinema and you will not regret it, because the cinema is equipped with five cinemas, 4K image and modern cinema bars. Every day you can come to the premiere of a melodrama alone or get together with a noisy company for the next comedy, because the capacity of the cinema is up to 184 people.

Markets in Mogilev

There are 9 markets in the city, including:

• car market at sh. Gomel 64;

• Bykhovsky market at st. Bykhovskaya, 6;

• Grebenevsky at st. Simonova 2a;

• Dubrovensky at st. Tsiolkovsky;

• Kazimirovsky at sh. Minsk, 24;

• Railway station at st. Grishina, 2;

• Roadside market on st. Chelyuskintsev;

• Market of auto parts at sh. Gomelskoe, 53v;

• Central market at st. Timiryazevskaya 25a.

Hardware stores in Mogilev

Among the most popular construction stores are the OMA construction hypermarket. The trading floor contains goods that are used for various types of repair and construction work, as well as for home improvement:

• tools: pneumatic, electric, hand and measuring,

• materials for construction and decoration,

• furniture and household goods,

• accessories, hardware, fasteners,

• water supply, heating, sewerage,

• overalls and footwear.

What should you buy in Belarus?

Belarusian goods have always been distinguished by the quality mark, therefore, when going shopping, guests of our country always choose only Belarusian goods. In the top of the most frequent purchases - clothes, shoes and haberdashery, cosmetics, home textiles and dishes, souvenirs, sweets and chocolate, alcohol.

What sights to see nearby?

Not far from the shopping center Park City there is the Pechersky Forest Park. Soon it will receive the status of a specially protected natural area. He calls it a living miracle - the green island of Mogilev. In summer, you can lie there on the beach of a forest lake. Ride a bike or roller skate on specially paved paths. Attend city-wide holidays, sports.

The unique, inimitable ecosystem of this place will be preserved thanks to not indifferent residents of Mogilev.