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торговый центр

Shopping centers Vitebsk

Recently, people prefer visiting shopping centers to walking around the city. Now shopping centers offer not only sale and purchase services, but also entertainment where you can spend a weekend with the whole family. This provokes the growing popularity of shopping centers and attracts people from all over the region. Today we will tell you which shopping centers are worth visiting in Vitebsk, and what services are offered there.

The best shopping centers in Vitebsk

Vitebsk is known for its love of painting, but after watching live art, you can visit shopping centers. Here you can not only shop, but also have a good time. Below is a list of the best shopping centers in Vitebsk.


The modern multifunctional shopping center "GREENCENTER" in Vitebsk met its first visitors in early 2015. According to the plan of the developer, the center is designed to provide the residents and guests of Vitebsk with the most comfortable conditions for shopping, high quality goods, which made this center a favorite place for citizens.

The center attracts buyers from different parts of the city. The main secret of the center’s popularity is that here everyone will find everything that need: products for every taste, need and wallet, and especially unique brands that can be found only in Greencenter in Vitebsk. First of all, these are anchor tenants - a large fashion store DeFacto and shoe supermarket Kari, which form the basis of the fashion gallery. Supermarket of Electronics and Household Appliances 5 element also acts as a core of attraction for the target audience of the center.

The restaurant area is represented by the unique Pizza Smile pizzeria, which offers tasty and healthy dishes prepared according to the best recipes of European and Japanese cuisine.

Shopping Center Belarus

TDC Belarus is located in the center of Vitebsk. The building has 4 levels (three floors + basement), parking for 250 cars, 7 entrances.

In the trade center "Belarus" are located:

• pavilion of household appliances;

• fast food restaurant "Bee";

• MTS communications salon.


The shopping complex presents goods of industrial and food groups. There is a bistro, cafe, hairdresser, a repair point for clothes and shoes.

In the center are located:

• shop selling filters for water treatment;

• pet products store "Cat and Dog";

• store of modern electronic devices "Svyaznoy".

Marco city

The Marco City business center is an architectural symbol of modern Vitebsk. A unique feature of the Marco-City business center is its convenient location: at the intersection of Lenin Street, Frunze Avenue and Zamkova Street, in the business and cultural center of Vitebsk. The developed transport infrastructure of the central part of the city allows you to quickly and comfortably get to the business center from anywhere. Underground two-level parking provides comfort for motorists.

At levels from minus the 2nd to plus the 2nd there are shops of clothes, shoes and accessories of famous Belarusian brands (“Marko”, “Bravo”, “Birgitta”, “Nelva”, “Elema”, “Noche Mio”, “Galanteya” ”,“ Buslik ”,“ Panda ”,“ Lakbi ”,“ Argo ”,“ Kalinka ”,“ Kupalinka ”,“ Vitebsk fur factory ”, etc.) and popular foreign manufacturers (“ BAON ”,“ Keddo ”, “Olmar”, “Gode”, “Oodji”, “Tom Farr”, etc.)., a supermarket of household appliances “5 element”, a large furniture store “AMI furniture”, jewelry stores “ZIKO”, “7 carats” and “Diamand”, cosmetics and perfumery stores “Mila”, “Kraft”, a gastronomic supermarket “Euroopt”, optics stores “Home Doctor”, “Family Optics” and much more. Also at the disposal of visitors are pharmacies, currency exchange offices, a flower shop, souvenir shops. You can have a quick and tasty snack in the business center in cozy cafes and restaurants: Marco City Cafe, Funny Chicken, Presto Pizza, Sushi, BAR212. Young visitors of Marco City business center will find a ton of interesting activities in the Rio children's entertainment center.


The Korona shopping center is organized on the principle of a classic European hypermarket with an extensive assortment of various goods and services at affordable prices, impeccable service, its own bakery, and culinary, a cozy cafe and a stylish fast-food restaurant, a large car park, spacious bright rooms and a full range of additional services.


Shopping Center "Passage" is located ib the center of Vitebsk.

"Passage" includes a large number of objects involved in both trade and the provision of services to the public.

Here you will find the Passage nightclub-restaurant, shops of fashionable and stylish clothes, household chemicals, musical instruments, a wedding salon and much more in the Passage shopping center.

Not far from the Passage shopping center there is a free, huge, comfortable parking that can accommodate more than 20 cars. On the ground floor there is the Passage cafe-club, operating from 18.00 to 6.00, with a corporate identity, a pleasant interior, a hookah room, professional staff and, most importantly, low prices. In the shopping center “Passage” you can find fashionable clothes, musical instruments, cosmetics, jewelry, wedding accessories, household chemicals and much more at the most affordable prices in the city.

Services in shopping centers

In the modern world, the opportunity to spend a good weekend is provided not only in parks. They compete well with shopping centers. And why? Now we find out.

Food courts

Any shopping center can boast of the availability of food outlets. Often the list of cafes where you can have a tasty snack is very large. Therefore, people do not need to convulsively choose their dresses in order to have time to cook for a meal. Everything can be done at the mall.

Ice Arena

Unfortunately, Vitebsk shopping centers cannot boast of ice arenas. But that is just for right now. If the idea to skate does not leave you, then the Ice Palace on 23 Stroiteley Avenue is at your service.


You can also pamper yourself with a good movie in nearby cinemas. Here you will always find the most interesting premieres at low prices.

Markets in Vitebsk

The markets of Vitebsk are countless. On each of them you can buy home-made products, building materials, clothing, and many others.

Building stores in Vitebsk

Vitebsk construction stores, such as Repair Question, Ten-Vitebsk, OMA, Astravit and Master Interior are always happy to welcome you at their place. Stores work with brands that have established themselves as standards of quality: Bosch, Caparol, Keramin, Makita, ISOVER, PAROC, Ceresit, KNAUF, Tarkett, TechnoNIKOL, Condor.

Companies value their customers and offer a choice of several loyalty programs so that online purchases are always profitable. Among the discount programs are the store’s accumulative card, a program for developers and new settlers, as well as the Motzka card from BELKART.

What to buy in Belarus

No matter what you buy. The main thing is that it should be Belarusian-made products. Lingerie, cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, linen, knitwear, watches - all this will please you with their quality and make you return to Belarus more than once.

What sights to see nearby?

Victory Square is the largest square of the city and country. On the square there is a memorial complex in honor of the liberators, partisans and underground workers of the Vitebsk region - the main memorial building of the city, opened to the 1000th anniversary of Vitebsk in 1974. The complex includes pools of two fountains, 10 granite pylons, sculptural compositions and the main monument. Nearby is the Victory Park with a total area of 4 hectares. In 2010, an Alley of Military Glory was created in it with an exposition of 13 units of military equipment from the Great Patriotic War and the post-war period.