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The best areas to live in Minsk

Minsk is getting bigger with every city. The city is developing both in terms of tourism potential and for people's lives. An article about the best way to choose an area for living in Minsk.

Choosing an area for living

Traditionally, each family is faced with the question of choosing an area to live. Minsk districts differ in area and population, developed infrastructure, and places of entertainment.

Someone prefers areas within walking distance to the metro, while others consider it important to have a park area near the house. Below is a list of districts with a full description of all amenities for residents.

The best districts of Minsk

Novaya Borovaya

Novaya Borovaya is a modern district, which Minsk residents have already called the most European. All conditions have been created here for a comfortable stay for young families.

The development of the area is carried out according to the SMART + SOCIAL model. It represents the embodiment of all the ideas of residents in one place, that is, housing with the most developed infrastructure.

Thus, young families are attracted by the presence of two kindergartens, a new school, a sports complex with swimming pools, and a shopping center. Many homes have grocery stores within walking distance to meet the basic needs of residents.

Minsk Mayak

The modern Mayak district of Minsk is the most youthful in Minsk. The main advantage of the district is its location, which gives the residents of the district the opportunity to walk to all infrastructure facilities. Residents choose the area for interesting architectural solutions, high-rise buildings of 25 floors, as well as luxurious penthouses.

It may seem to some that prices are significantly overpriced, but the developer explains this by the presence of not only exclusive projects but also a landscaped area with developed infrastructure.

In each courtyard, you can see a playground, as well as areas for sports and recreation. Young families will like the presence of kindergartens and schools, as well as objects of widespread use: shops, pharmacies, fitness clubs, beauty salons, restaurants, and cafes.

Minsk World

Minsk World is a completely new district that brings to life the idea of ​​creating a financial, business, entertainment, and residential complex in close proximity to the center of the capital.

In addition to the advantages we are accustomed to, the Minsk world provides:

• Exhibition center in the form of a maple leaf and a theater with a summer amphitheater;

• International Financial Center;

• Ecologically clean area with a view of the city park;

• Sports Complex;

• Central Park;

• Shopping center;

• Residential quarters;

• Bicycle paths, playgrounds, and much more.


The Nemiga area covers part of the historical center and is one of the most successful areas for tourists. Transport links are developed in all directions of the city and include metro, trams, buses and a convenient timetable control system.

This area has the largest concentration of attractions and places of entertainment. The infrastructure includes kindergartens and schools, clinics and swimming pools, sports and playgrounds, as well as shopping and entertainment centers - Arena City and the Castle, which can be reached by almost any bus.

Zelenaya gavan

Zelenaya gavan is a new European-style area. The residential complex is located just 3.5 kilometers from Minsk near a nature reserve. Residents are attracted by the ecological area because there will always be clean air, endless green spaces, and places of rest.

In addition to the excellent location, the residential complex includes relaxation zones, shops, fitness centers, and beauty salons. Children will love the outdoor picnic, the adults will enjoy safety and health.


Lebyazhy is an area of ​​new buildings with non-standard architecture. It is a modern residential part of the Central District of the capital. The district is located on the outskirts of the northwestern part of Minsk.

A well-developed transport network gives easy access to any destination in Minsk. And the infrastructure allows residents to save time on moving. The district houses beauty salons and hairdressing salons, kindergartens and schools, a polyclinic, and a wide retail network.


The district is represented by 6 houses, where administrative and retail premises and a complex of multi-level parking lots are built-in by default. The residential complex is close to the streets of Kalvariyskaya - Skryganova - Biryuzova.

The houses are equipped with a dispatching system, "House-master", "Smart House". Residents will receive not only exclusive houses with an unusual layout but also a well-equipped territory with recreation areas, playgrounds, and developed infrastructure. Hypermarket "Crown" near the complex.


Borovlyany is the largest suburb in the Minsk region. Residents can easily get to the city and engage in daily work activities. The district is located just 4 kilometers from Minsk.

At the same time, the area is actively expanding. There is a forest near the residential buildings, which affects the ecological situation in the area. Moreover, the public transport network is constantly improving, which in the near future will allow residents to get to any place in Minsk without any problems.


Tarasovo is another elite suburb in the Minsk region, located just a few kilometers from Minsk.

Residents of Tarasovo do not complain about the infrastructure at all, because all facilities, including clinics, schools, and kindergartens, are within a 5-minute drive.

Despite the maximum proximity to the city of Tarasovo, it nevertheless remains a completely suburban cottage village. On the western side of the village, there is a forest area with a picturesque pond.

Kamennaya Gorka

Kamennaya Gorka is an area of ​​budget new buildings for couples. According to the project of Minskstroy, in the future, Kamennaya Gorka will become the largest sleeping microdistrict in the city. Another feature of the microdistrict should be 10 houses intended for people with disabilities who move in wheelchairs.

The advantage of buying a home in this area will be the availability of multi-level parking lots, which will allow you to leave your car without breaking traffic rules.