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The best bookstores in Belarus

The presence of education in the modern world is no longer a rarity; you will not surprise anyone with this, but its absence will be striking to your interlocutor. In fact, your diploma is not enough; you need to maintain this status throughout your life: read books, be interested in the news of the modern world, and develop yourself. If at school we were forced to read what was in the program, having entered adulthood, you receive the right to decide what kind of literature you like. Moreover, now buying a book can take two clicks, and the courier will take it to any place you approve. Reading becomes even more pleasant, and what can be better!

Online bookstores

Reading books has never been so easy. Now you can take books with you everywhere: read on the subway, during lunch breaks, in store lines, and even when the lights are off. You don’t need to carry a large and heavy book with you, just a phone. Fans of traditional book publications were also not deprived, since now it is not necessary to run to the store, as soon as you have finished the book, you can simply order the next one via the Internet.

Everyone knows such bookstore. The product catalog has more than 190 thousand positions, which means that you will 100% find what you like. The press center offers opportunities to meet with popular writers, get an autograph, get a master class, lecture and much more. No need to run to the store every day to find out about the availability of a particular book. All that is required of you is to place an order on the website, and employees will take care of its delivery.

Today in this bookstore everything is presented for acquiring books of various subjects and directions, for all ages: from children's literature to textbooks and scientific books. The online bookstore will delight you with offers in any category of printing products. Fast order processing, prompt delivery, reasonable prices - that's why readers choose this store.

Each person has his own category of literature for regular acquaintance: someone reads detective stories and romance novels, someone has long forgotten what books are available, except for collections of fairy tales and stories for children, someone needs scientific and technical literature, reference books and encyclopedias. Specialists of the online bookstore will be ready to help you choose your book to make you satisfied. New items of the week and year, study books, business books, sales - all this awaits you at

Tens of thousands of books of fiction, reference, scientific, technical, educational literature. If in doubt about the choice, then experienced managers will always tell you what choice to make, the best way to pay and how get the delivery.

A wide range of books of any genre, direction, theme, reasonable prices, short delivery times, nice gifts for kids and adults, as well as frequent promotions, prize draws make readers come back to this store again and again.

Make an order on the website

The selection of books for ordering on the website is carried out through the catalog on the product page. Add it to the basket, after which you can either continue to choose products, or go to the checkout. Click on the “Place an order” button and proceed to registration or authorization.

Be sure to fill out all the fields on the order form without errors and omissions. The phone number is indicated with the code of the city and (or) operator.

Indicate your last name, first name, patronymic - book orders are issued upon presentation of a passport.

When specifying a contact phone number, be sure to enter the code of the city or mobile operator.

When specifying the address for courier delivery in Minsk, check its accuracy. Indicate in the field "Comments on the order" details for the courier - a possible parking place, entrance, landmarks with an atypical arrangement of the house, entrance or apartment, etc.

Making an order by phone

Before you decide to make an order by phone, find out the phone number and opening hours of one of the stores. In this case, managers will answer your call and help you purchase a book.

Another convenient way to communicate with managers is the function "Order a call." Leave your contact details in the online form, and the operator will contact you at a convenient time as part of the store’s working mode.

Book delivery in Belarus

Delivery by courier is carried out only in Minsk (within the MKAD, as well as in Uruchye and Shabany neighborhoods). The courier will contact you by phone after fully completing the order to specify a convenient delivery time for you. You confirm that you will be able to accept the order within the agreed period of time.

If you live in another city, then delivery is carried out to the nearest pickup points. After all, the fastest way to get a book is to pick it up yourself.

Book delivery by post office

The order is sent by mail in Belarus to the address you specified through the office of RUE BelPost. Payment takes place at the post office upon receipt of the order.

An order more expensive than 50 rubles is sent only by prepayment.

Delivery terms

Delivery by courier is negotiated by you at a convenient time for you.

In the case of delivery by shipment at own expense, you will be informed about the availability of the book in the nearest paragraph by SMS / mail. You can pick up the goods within 7 calendar days.

Delivery at the post office is carried out from 3 to 5 days, depending on your city of residence.

Cost of delivery

What about the cost, the courier delivery will be 3 rubles, in case of ordering books for the cost of more than 80 rubles - delivery is free.

Shipment at own expense in Minsk and regions - it is free.

Shipping costs are calculated at the rates of Belpochta RUE for legal entities.

Upon receipt of the order at the post office, you will be charged up to 5% of the order value (Belpochta commission for money transfer).

The best bookstores in Minsk

Still, for many, the priorities of choosing a book are its cover, smell, print quality, so many readers prefer conservatism. Write down a few proven bookstores in Minsk.

Central kniga

A large selection of books on various topics, a large selection of textbooks, many books in different languages, comic book shelves, souvenirs, postcards, different notebooks, an office - all this book paradise can be found at Independence Avenue, 19. Just take your time, this store , like a gallery, going out will be very difficult!


Today “Akademkniga” occupies one of the leading places in terms of turnover among bookstores in the Republic of Belarus.

In the store, together with publishers, book presentations, meetings with authors are held, which attracts new readers, and dilutes the atmosphere of the store with live communication with the creators.

The store provides services for the delivery of books to enterprises and sends books by post in Belarus.

The address of the store in Minsk is Independence Avenue, 72.

A modern, popular store, presented not only in the Internet space. is represented in 12 cities of Belarus, operates daily from 10.00 to 20.00.

Stores offer the perfect service, the maximum selection of goods, payment methods, and delivery options.

In addition to books, in the store you can buy cosmetics, perfumes, stationery, souvenirs, gifts, appliances and electronics.

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