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The Church of the Holy Trinity in Gervyaty

The Church of the Holy Trinity in Gervyaty is another favorite place for tourists in Belarus. The article will tell you about the location of the Church, the nearest infrastructure and interesting facts.

History of the Church of the Holy Trinity

The history of the church begins in the 1990s, when the construction of the church began in Gerviaty at the expense of Prince Olshevsky. The church was built on the site of the wooden Trinity Church, built in 1526.

As history says, about 70 people took part in the construction of the Church every day. At the same time, not far from the building was a plant built specifically for the production of high-quality building materials. To make the mortar stronger, eggs were added to it, collected by the thousands from the local peasants. The roof tiles were made in Germany.

The architecture of the Church of the Holy Trinity

Unfortunately, the place for the church was not chosen very well, because groundwater constantly eroded its foundation. To prevent the tragedy, the builders turned the bed of the local river. This led to the construction of one of the highest temples in Belarus - 64 meters.

Its spire is crowned with a 6-meter cross. The church surprises tourists with the presence of a large number of Gothic elements, so it looks like Notre Dame Cathedral. Some note that as soon as the church was lit up, it never closed its doors.

The new interior doors are massive and at the same time graceful openwork forged doors. Tourists are surprised at the combination of simplicity and restraint of the interior, because here you will not notice the usual ardor of the building. The height of the structure gives the building a special atmosphere, which is complemented by an old organ.

The floors are covered with ceramic tiles, but they also have their own characteristics. The tiles were made to order to fulfill special acoustic functions.

Interesting facts about the Church of the Holy Trinity

In the church you can see an old organ that bewitches tourists with its sound. The acoustics in the temple improve perception, so such an event often delights the audience. The Church of the Holy Trinity periodically hosts organ concerts and whole organ music festivals. Those who get into such performances do not remain indifferent.

Surprisingly, the church practically did not suffer in difficult periods for the country. Today he holds the record for several positions at once:

1. The church stands out for its size, because the building reaches over 60 meters in height, which makes it equal to 20-storey buildings.

2. At the very top of the structure you can see a cross, which is not so striking because of the height of the building. In fact, the cross covers an area of ​​6 meters.

3. Tourists have never deprived of attention this church, and even call it one of the most beautiful in Belarus.

The church was reconstructed by the rector Leonid Nestyuk. He took care of his offspring, and therefore served in the church until his death. Thanks to his efforts, the temple turned into a tourist display center. Today it is very popular among tourists and believers, and every year during the celebrations of the Holy Trinity, the international Trinity Festival is held.

How to get to the Church of the Holy Trinity?

Gervyaty is a small town 160 km from Minsk. Public transport will not take you directly to the Church, but a private car can help. From Minsk to the Church you need to cover a distance of 2 hours along the M6 ​​and E28 highways.

You will not find a direct bus service, you will have to make transfers. You take a bus station to the City of Ostrovets and change trains to Gervyat. Buses to Ostrovets run daily until 9 pm. You can check the bus schedule with the dispatcher at the bus station.

Hotels near the Church of the Holy Trinity

If you plan to stay overnight, we advise you to come to the church in advance, because the nearest hotel can be found only 40 km from the town of Gervyaty. We have compiled a list of the best hotels to stay:

• Good Zone Club;

• Malinovka Homestade;

• Abramovich House.

Attractions near the Church of the Holy Trinity

After driving 11 kilometers, you can observe the first nuclear power plant in Belarus. Despite the scale of construction, after commissioning, this power plant will become only the second largest in the country, yielding to the Lukoml GRES, which operates mainly on natural gas.

In addition, the city housed the manor of the Domeyko clan. Unfortunately, it has not survived in its original form, but tourists can inspect some outbuildings and walk through the remaining parts of the park.

Another attraction of the agro-town is the German cemetery. It has survived since the First World War. Basically, German soldiers were buried here, who could not withstand the onslaught. This is a rather controversial monument, rare for Belarus.

Next to the church, there is an interesting tourist attraction - a 19th century water mill. It is noteworthy that a thorough approach, high-quality materials and a successful design allowed to preserve the walls of the building in an almost original form, which cannot be said about the roof and internal design. Today you can stop by for lunch at an authentic cafe.

Although the town of Gervyaty is considered small by the standards of Belarus, those who have planned such a trip will definitely not be disappointed. The town keeps its history with countless monuments and objects that attract fans of sightseeing tours.