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The largest department stores in Minsk

Everyone is always happy to go shopping, whether it’s buying new clothes or furniture in the house, but shopping at the weekend is like a special kind of art. It is most convenient to go to department stores, where there is a large selection of products, and prices correspond to quality. Everything can be found in the department store, and the division into departments where everyone can find what he likes is simplified by a shopping trip. This time we will get acquainted with the largest department stores in Minsk, talk about goods and their manufacturers, and learn about delivery.

Shopping in Belarus

Belarus can hardly be called a country for shopping, but something can still be brought here: clothes, shoes, accessories and cosmetics of high-quality Belarusian brands and exclusive souvenirs. You can often find holiday sales, discounts, bonuses, as well as regular discount programs in Belarusian stores.

Prices in Belarus

What surprises foreign citizens is the reasonable prices in supermarkets and department stores. You can pay for purchases in cash in Belarusian rubles. Currency exchange centers and ATMs operate in shopping centers. And since 2013, the Tax Free system has been introduced in Belarus, with the help of which foreign citizens can return VAT on Belarusian goods purchased in our country.

Any resident of a foreign country (non-resident of the EAEU) can use the Tax Free service. If you live in the territory of the EAEU Customs Union, then you cannot use the Tax Free service. Today, the EAEU Customs Union includes Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan. Over 400 stores are connected to the Tax Free system in Belarus. Buyers get 12.5% of the amount of the completed purchase.

The best Belarusian products and manufacturers

They glorified our country, which became a real brand, Belarusian knitwear, Belarusian laundry and Belarusian linen.

Foreign citizens come for women's high-quality laundry “Milavitsa”, known for its exquisite design and reasonable prices.

Sweaters, cardigans and a dress made of woolen yarn are the calling card of 'Alesia' and 'Polesie'.

And the famous brands of Belarusian knitwear remain “Kupalinka” and “Svitanok”, which have become popular in the market thanks to fashionable collections of hygienic, breathable knitwear for newborns and babies, teenagers.

What do you need to buy in Belarus?

Foreigners first of all take home textile products of the well-known brands "Blackit", "Lenta", "Rechitsa Textile", "Belarusian Linen", as the manufacturer provides beautiful bedding and table linen from natural fabrics, as well as hygienic terry towels and bathrobes.

Do not go past jewelry. Indeed, brands such as "Crystal" and "Zorka" offer rings, earrings, pendants, chains and bracelets made of gold / silver with precious and semiprecious stones.

And do not forget about cosmetics that have become popular in Belarus and beyond, thanks to the use of natural ingredients, quality and affordability. "Belita" and "Vitex" are considered to be full-fledged leaders of Belarusian cosmetics, which create makeup products for both partial use and for beauty salons and SPA-centers.

The largest department stores in Minsk

It's enough to visit the Belarusian department store once, as it immediately becomes clear why there are so many people there. Affordability, price and quality attract crowds of customers.

Univermag Belarus

Belarus department store is a store where you can find quality products at the best prices. Products for the home, for the kitchen, electronics, computers, cosmetics, products for children, as well as everything for home, garden, and your car. Competitive store leave discounts and promotions that take place every holiday and weekend.

Working hours

Every day from 11.00 to 20.00, and on Sunday until 19.00 the department store is open for you. Find it is not difficult, you need to drive to the address Zhilunovich 4, or use the delivery provided on the official website of the store. Delivery of goods in Minsk is carried out no earlier than the day following of placing the order. The possibility of delivery on weekends and holidays is specified by the manager by phone.

All detailed information is provided on the department store website.


The Central Department Store is the place without which it is already difficult to imagine Minsk. No wonder it is called universal, because here you can find literally everything. For the convenience of searching for goods and to prevent crowding, the store is divided into small zones, in each of which you can find goods to your liking.

The department store also provides a place to relax, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee and have a lunch.

The department store often pleases its customers with promotions and bonuses, so you can save up to 30% on your purchase with a discount card, and if you came on lucky days you can get a discount without it.

The store’s list of services also includes sewing curtains, custom-made cakes, the Labyrinth game complex, and a hairdresser.

Working hours

Buyers can make purchases every day from 9.00 to 21.00, except Sunday, when the schedule is 10.00-21.00.


GUM is the first largest department store in Minsk, which has long become a landmark of the city. GUM is goods for the whole family and for all occasions: for children and adults, for home and summer cottages, for sports and recreation. Most products are from Belarusian manufacturers, so foreign citizens will trust the store.

From November 5, 1951 till nowadays, GUM is the favorite place of Minsk residents and guests of our country, and is also a leading trade enterprise of the Republic of Belarus.

If you are not going for shopping, but for awakening pleasant memories, because GUM has spacious halls, high ceilings, wide stairs, and glass counters. All departments are zoned, so everyone will find something to their taste.

And for lovers of mobility, an online store has appeared, though so far only part of the goods presented in the trading floors of the department store can be found here. In the future, the range will expand.

Working hours

GUM doors are open daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 21 Nezavisimosti ave.

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