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ремонт телефона

Top 5 best phone repairs in Minsk

The telephone today is a means of entertainment, a way to make money and an integral tool for communication. Unfortunately, due to frequent use, gadgets often break down, and it becomes a real problem to fix them in a quality service center. Therefore, we will tell you about quality repair services and their services.

Phone repair services

The breakdown of a smartphone is quite frequent, but always unexpected. Faults can be very different, from a broken back cover to a burned out motherboard.

The workshops offer a full range of phone repair services in Minsk.


Specialists often diagnose the device for free and name the cause of the malfunction. After identifying the problem, the cost and terms are negotiated, then the masters get to work. If the procedure takes several days, the service center must provide a smartphone from the replacement fund.

Screen replacement

Since the display is the most fragile component of a smartphone, its impact or fall can lead to chips, cracks, loss of picture, sensitivity. With a slight deformation, mobile phone repair is possible. In other cases, it is necessary to replace the screen.

Hull repair

Replacing the phone case allows you to update the gadget or return it to its original appearance. However, few people know that the state of the "filling" of the phone, the internal components of the gadget, directly depends on the appearance of the case. Therefore, the replacement of the phone case should be carried out by experienced craftsmen using professional equipment and using proven components in a specialized computer service, and not at the location of the client.


Preventive cleaning from moisture and dust will help prevent phone damage or clogging.

Replacing microphone

Replacing the phone's audio jack is considered a common reason for contacting service technicians. Having modern equipment, which is necessary for a complete check of the gadget, high-quality components and a staff of accredited technicians, specialists replace the speakers and microphone at the service center.

Phone Repair Warranty

According to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus, the warranty period is a calendar period established in days, months, years, provided for or by an agreement, during which the goods must meet the requirements for their quality, determined in the order.

Payment methods for phone repair

You can check the method of payment for repairs with the specialist of the selected service center. Today, service centers are interested in providing flexible payment terms, and some even provide installments.

The cost of payment depends on the nature of the damage and the need for replacement parts.

Top 5 phone repairs

Below are the 5 best service centers that are always ready to provide their services for phone repair.

If you are looking for an apple authorized service center in Minsk, then itehrem is ready to help you. The repair shop is located in the very center of Minsk, it is convenient to reach it from anywhere in Minsk.

Experts will repair and replace the iphone screen in the shortest possible time, if you need to change the touch id or replace the power button, they will repair the breakdown in a few hours.

Professionals help save customers money without replacing the entire display, because if your iPhone has a broken screen, this does not mean that you need to change the entire module as a whole, it is enough to change the glass to an iPhone, it contains a touchscreen module that recognizes finger clicks. During the repair, you can be diagnosed with the iphone battery, because after a year or two of operation, the iphone battery begins to degrade and holds a weak charge, so your smartphone starts to drain quickly.

Specialists also make replacement and repair of such complex parts as the iphone motherboard and individual modules.

Your iphone does not turn on and does not respond to any actions or simply stopped charging, for itehrem service center this is not a problem, they will fix your smartphone in one day.

The e-group service center uses only original spare parts. Your personal information will remain confidential. Craftsmen try to complete all work within half an hour - this is their main advantage. If the repair of electronic equipment requires more time, details and terms are agreed individually.

This is only a small part of what e-group masters are able to repair. Experts also take on little-known brands to fix digital technology. Most service centers are afraid of such difficulties, but not e-group.

No matter where you repair your phone, diagnostics are free.

You just need to sign up for a repair and your phone will be ready within an hour. There is no surcharge for urgency. For all types of work and installed spare parts, specialists give an official guarantee for 6 months. The advantage of the service center will be a guaranteed gift, which you can choose for yourself, depending on the amount of repair.

Sticky keys, backlight failure, flooding (drowned phone), battery failure, cracks in the display and even the smallest problems regarding the software and hardware of the phone can cause some discomfort to the owner when using the handset, which means you need repair phone in Minsk.

In such a situation, the s-mart digital technology service center will come to your aid.

Thanks to professional equipment, experienced staff, high-quality spare parts and an attentive approach to debugging each phone model, you can be sure that cell troubleshooting will be done at the highest level as soon as possible.

Specialized service center for phone repair.

All masters have specialization and have undergone full training in the repair of phones of all brands, so the service center guarantees high-quality repairs in a short time.

The advantages of the service center are:

• Fast repair;

• 100% guarantee;

• Original spare parts;

•Low prices.

Experts eliminate any type of malfunction, carry out repairs of any technical complexity: from replacing modules to restoring motherboards and chips.

Courier service

Many service centers, trying to save customers time and money, perform all the necessary work at home or in the customer's office.

You can order the service on the website of the selected workshop by filling out the form. The manager will immediately contact you to discuss the details and tell you about the services.