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Top 5 best tattoo studios in Minsk

Nowadays, tattoos are gaining more and more popularity among people. In addition, they are popular not only among young people, but also among the older generation. The tattoo can tell about the habits, sympathies, affections of a person. And sometimes even behind a small picture on the body there may be a whole story full of happiness and pain. Tattoos for people are also sometimes a way to express themselves. But, of course, there is a category of people who make fun and in every possible way deny their meaning, believing that, by tattooing, people spoil their skin, their body, their life. Let's learn in more detail what a tattoo is, what they are, as well as other interesting information.

Services in tattoo studios

Henna tattoo

Mehendi (or mehndi) is a tattoo using a natural component of henna that stays on the body for about three weeks. This type of tattoo came from India, where warriors, monks and brides applied patterns to the body. For Indian brides, henna tattoos mean a lot - the more interesting the patterns on the body, the richer the bride is considered.

Now henna tattoos have gained popularity in the West for their originality, safety and painlessness.

Benefits of Henna Tattoo

The main advantage of henna tattoos over standard temporary tattoos is the natural, natural composition of the dye.

For henna tattoos, only natural ingredients are used: directly henna, tea, coffee, lemon juice and various oils.

Using tea, the master adjusts the amount of red tint of the tattoo, and coffee adds a brown tint to the tattoo.

The tattoo lasts three weeks, which is an excellent alternative for those who are afraid or do not want to get a real tattoo.

Henna tattoos can be applied to any part of the body with a pattern of any size.

The disadvantages of henna tattoos

In order to make a quality tattoo, the master should have only good henna finely ground, the right green shade.

The tattoo lasts only 3-4 weeks, which for some is a drawback.

For beginners, a certain difficulty can cause the preparation of the composition of the correct consistency.


Naturally, henna tattoo is contraindicated for anyone who has any skin diseases (acne, dermatitis, etc.).

If a ready-made paste is used for a tattoo, then its composition can cause an allergic reaction.

Repeatedly applying henna tattoos to the same place on your body can also cause allergies.

Permanent tattoo

Permanent tattoo is the most interesting and controversial option of all, which kindles doubts even more. Everyone has heard about temporary tattoos for 3-5 years, which then disappear. They are applied with penetration under the skin, like real tattoos, but with the use of permanent makeup paints.

Before applying the tattoo for at least one day you can not drink alcohol, medications. If you are sick, then for this period, abandon this experiment.

Keep in mind that the skin on the body is thicker than on the face, so the paint will lie deeper and the pigment will break down more slowly. So, there is no guarantee that a tattoo made in this way will disappear without a trace, like permanent makeup.

A professional tattoo master never offers clients a temporary tattoo (for 3-5 years), as he does not want to be misled.

The tattoo, applied with permanent makeup paints or not too deep, really begins to fade over time, but will not completely disappear. In place of such a tattoo there will be a blurry spot that will resemble a bruise. It remains either to grind the skin, or to fill on top of this "beauty" a normal real tattoo.

Tattoo Correction

The process of tattoo correction is similar to regular clogging. There is only one difference, it lies in the fact that the work beats on top of the finished tattoo. You can refresh the contour so that it looks cleaner and more accurate, decorate black and white work or try to fix it. Changes are made either immediately after healing (if the result differs from what you wanted), or after a while with preventive purposes in order to maintain the color, shape and exact contour of the tattoo. If the first option is clear, then the second one needs a little understanding.

How often do preventive tattoo corrections need to be done?

First of all, listen to your master, he put a tattoo on you, you are familiar with his portfolio, so he knows what is better to recommend. Wizards invite clients to the studio after healing to see how the tattoo has healed, and possibly to correct some of the shortcomings.

Proper care after the tattoo:

Moisturizing creams;

Less sunbathing, bathing, bathing, etc.

The less you disturb the skin in the tattoo area, the greater the chance that it will look fresh for a very, very long time.

To try to answer the question when to make a tattoo correction, I will give you one banal advice: look at it, do you like it? If everything suits, then correction is not needed. If you don't like her, then it's time to sign up for me at the studio.

How to determine the quality of a tattoo:

It should be properly clogged (bright enough to distinguish from skin color);

Tattoo should not be a stain;

Clear contours.

Tattoo removal

There are currently several methods for tattoo removal in cosmetology. They have their pros and cons, vary in degree of effectiveness.

1. Laser tattoo removal

Laser removal is the most modern and effective way to get rid of unwanted underwear. But lasers are different. Some of their species are already outdated, and, despite this, they still continue to be used.

Carbon dioxide laser

It operates by the method of burning. Laser beams penetrate the skin much deeper than necessary to remove the pattern. After this procedure, scars of varying severity remain.

Cold Plasma Coagulator

It also very injures the skin, leaving noticeable scars.

More modern methods of laser tattoo removal - using several types of light lasers and vaporization.

Vaporization (evaporation)

It is usually used to remove tattoos applied by experienced specialists. The fact is that Tattoo master injects dye only into the upper layers of the skin. This allows you to easily and efficiently remove paint using laser evaporation. There are practically no scars or they are hardly noticeable. Tattoos by amateur artists usually penetrate not only the epidermis, but also the dermis. After their removal by vaporization, deep scars remain.

Selective photocavitation

It is a safe, non-scarring but relatively painful method. Ruby and alexandrite lasers affect only certain colors of the pattern. A universal neodymium laser, penetrating the skin, recognizes both dark and colored tattooed areas, affects the dye, destroying it. Then the paint is independently excreted from the body naturally. In this way, you can remove tattoos caused by lay people.

If the picture is small - the procedure will take 5-10 minutes and the discomfort will be quite bearable. If the tattoo is extensive, local anesthesia may be needed.

2. Chemical tattoo removal

To remove the tattoo, a special drug “remuver” is injected to the depth of the pigment. “Remuver” does not destroy, but extracts particles of paint, and they are removed from the body unchanged using the lymphatic system.

This method has many advantages - it is simple, inexpensive, effective, safe and does not take much time.

Among the disadvantages of the method is the long healing process after the procedure (up to six months), the inability to use in the area of ​​the eyelids, the likelihood of complications and scars.

3. Surgical tattoo removal

This is a fairly outdated, but reliable and effective way to get rid of tattoos.

If the picture is small and applied shallow - it can be removed by a layered method. Using a special tool, thin layers of skin are removed until the level where the paint has penetrated is reached.

If the paint penetrated the dermis, then a full operation to remove a patch of skin will be necessary to remove the tattoo.

The scar or scar after surgical removal of the tattoo will definitely remain, but the tattoo will be removed.


No less interesting ways of self-expression than a tattoo are piercings - piercing, which allows you to emphasize your originality, character and express life principles.

Nose piercing

A few years ago, almost every schoolgirl wore an earring in her nose. Today, this type of puncture has become the property of true admirers - those who consider the earring in their nose not just fashion, but in accordance with their inner convictions. A nose piercing can be a small unobtrusive puncture in the nostril, or it can be a ring inserted into the nasal septum.

Eyebrow piercing

There are many admirers at the piercing of the eyebrow, the ring in the eyebrow looks very stylish and unusual, but it may not be one or two, but several rings that will make your look attractive and extraordinary.

Tongue and Lip Piercing

Unlimited possibilities for piercing fans are provided by lips and tongue: Earrings can be threaded around the entire perimeter of the lips, and the tongue can be pierced in several ways.

Belly button piercing

He enjoys incredible success among the female population. And if until now we talked about ways of self-expression, then navel piercing is a wonderful way to emphasize female attractiveness. Just imagine how incredibly sexy a woman’s tummy with a glittering pebble in her belly button. Piercing can be done in several ways: a standard vertical puncture, double or triple, which is preferred by true connoisseurs of piercing.

Permanent make-up

Permanent make-up is, you can say, a tattoo-make-up: during a special cosmetic procedure, a pigment is “laid” on the upper layers of the skin - as a result, a kind of indelible makeup forms on the face.

Tattooing (permanent makeup) has a number of significant advantages:

it is not washed off by water (pool, sauna, shower);

there is no need to tweeze the eyebrows and chemotherapy, with the help of tattooing you can not only create a picture of a thin hair, but also create the effect of thick hair;

with the help of permanent makeup you can make very natural moles or freckles;

There is no need for a daily tedious makeup procedure.

solves the problem of clogging of pores and skin irritation from decorative cosmetics.

Top-5 best tattoo studios in Minsk


Foxy Lady

Studio 3000


Joker Tattoo

How to choose a tattoo artist?

Finding your tattoo artist is not easy; you need to consider many subtleties and nuances in order not to make a mistake. Various means are good for searching, among them: the traditional word of mouth, communication on forums and social networks.

On the Internet you can find examples of tattoos, the performance of which you like, and specify who did the work. Often people go to salons and consult, asking to recommend a specialist. You can always start correspondence with the artist, clarify questions of interest to him.

Learn in advance about all tattooists working in your city who are able to cope with the task. Sometimes you have to go for a tattoo to another city. It is always useful to read reviews about tattoo artists in different sources.

What questions should I ask?


Find out what kind of disinfection, sterilization and barrier protection the master uses. A professional uses a set of modern means to ensure sterility, uses disposable needles, gloves and pallets for mixing paints, which he utilizes after work.


Ask if the master works in a certain style or performs any tattoos. A true specialist has different directions, and has his own preferences. Before choosing a tattoo artist, it is advisable to make sure that your ideas, tastes and priorities coincide. In this case, the specialist will work with particular enthusiasm, and you will get the highest quality result.


It is better to familiarize yourself with the works of the best masters of the world in advance; this will give you an idea of ​​the highest level of compositional solution and the quality of application.

The average price of tattoo

Of course, it is difficult to say the approximate cost of a tattoo. To do this, you need to consider a number of factors, such as the salon in which you are going to do, the size, type of tattoo.

But, nevertheless, a few examples can be given.

Foxy lady

a tattoo of a minimum area - from 95 rubles, a tattoo with an area of ​​a cigarette pack - from 135 rubles.

Joker tattoo

a tattoo with an area of a box of matches - from 50 rubles, a tattoo with an area of a cigarette pack - from 85 rubles, an ultraviolet tattoo - from 70 rubles.

Salon 3000

Tattoo area with a cigarette pack - from 85 rubles. The cost of large tattoos is negotiated separately.

Tattoo Care

Proper care is:

Moisturizing creams;

Less sunbathing, bathing, bathing, etc.

The less you disturb the skin in the tattoo area, the greater the chance that it will look fresh for a very, very long time.

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