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Top 5 migration lawyers and legal offices in Belarus

An experienced specialist will help you to understand migration issues and not to face a violation of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. The article will tell you about the specifics of the work of immigration law firms and introduce the best of them.

What is immigration law?

Migration law is a branch of legislation that controls the change of stay of citizens of the Republic of Belarus and other countries. Migration law includes the processing of migration documents and effective solutions when sending personnel.

Lawyers in the field of migration law should always be aware of current changes in migration registration, visa extensions and the number of state fees.

Migration lawyer services

Lawyers in the field of migration law provide assistance to foreign and Belarusian citizens. The desire to move to another country is due to various reasons: the desire to improve the quality of life, career prospects, or other life circumstances.

To live peacefully in a foreign country, you need to strive to obtain citizenship, and this, as you know, is a long process. For a start, you should try to obtain a temporary residence permit.

Violation of the current legislation of the host country may entail negative consequences, including a ban on entry into the country.

To avoid the consequences, and to be aware of the necessary actions, we advise you to contact lawyers. They provide the following services:

• competent advice;

• assistance in collecting documents;

• assistance in obtaining permission for temporary registration.

Lawyers are able to advise and provide legal assistance to citizens of other states. Among the services of first-class companies is the collection of the necessary documents and the explanation of all matters in an accessible language.

The help of a qualified specialist makes it possible to avoid many problems associated with resettlement and tame the receipt of documents giving the right to live in another country.

Best Immigration Law Firms in Belarus 2021

Allford Group Law Office

Allford Group is a law firm that provides legal assistance services to Belarusian and foreign clients in the field of migration legislation, as well as representing interests in the process of interaction with government authorities.

To make the meetings more comfortable, each client can drive up to Liebknekhta street, 66, office 216a, which is located in the center of Minsk. But do not worry if you are in another city, because the company provides services throughout the country.

Allford Group is trusted by both large international companies and Belarusian companies and individual entrepreneurs. To achieve such heights, the company has correctly prioritized. The main one is the benchmark for the quality of the legal assistance provided, so about 70% of new clients come through word of mouth.

The company highly values ​​each client and constantly strives to strike a balance between the cost of legal assistance and its quality.

On the official website of the company, you can learn about the company's social responsibility, its services, and contacts. Cooperation with the Allford Group can be discussed by calling +37529 357-03-55.

DAMOVA is a legal company providing services for organizations and individuals. The Damov brand, translated from Belarusian, means an agreement, which emphasizes the focus on the peaceful resolution of disputes.

The company offers competent solutions to the legal problems of your organization. Experienced professionals will be able to find a way out in specific business problems, as well as protect the interests of each client.

The company's standard range of services is complemented by a legal service. The conclusion of an agreement with Damov's company will allow replacing the work of an entire department, as well as involving all the necessary specialists, both in the field of law and in the field of taxation.

On the official website of Damov, you can find out about subscription services, company services and contacts. Cooperation with Damova can be discussed by calling +37529 186-00-21.

Peterka and partners

PETERKA & PARTNERS is a leading law firm in Central and Eastern Europe. The offices of the company have a vast geography - from Prague to Sofia.

The company strives to improve its services and that will contribute to the success of customers and partners. Experienced specialists do not stand at one stage of development, but constantly update their knowledge through trainings and seminars.

Working in a company offers career opportunities that motivate employees to do better and to be proactive and come up with ideas using independent thinking.

On the official website of the company, you can find out about the product, current news, services and contacts. Cooperation with PETERKA & PARTNERS can be discussed by calling + 375 172 364 711.


Rödl & Partner is not just lawyers, tax consultants, accountants, business consultants and auditors working together. The peculiarity of the company is thinking from the perspective of the market and from the perspective of the client The company forms project teams so that they are successful and achieve the goals set by the client.

The uniqueness of the company lies in the combination of an interdisciplinary principle of work and a great experience of a specialist, due to close cooperation with German large enterprises.

On the official website of the company, you can find out about the product, current news, services and contacts. Cooperation with Rödl & Partner can be discussed by calling + +375 17 2094 284.


REVERA is a leading law firm in Belarus, known on the market for over 20 years. During this time, it has reached such heights that it provides 75 employees with career growth and development opportunities.

The company's operating model can be described as a full-service boutique. In their strategy, employees successfully combine the principle of full-service law firm, but create stellar highly specialized practices in the main lines of business. Therefore, clients receive the highest expertise and service in any matter of business law in Belarus.

On the official website of the company, you can find out about the product, current news, services, and contacts. Cooperation with REVERA can be discussed by phone +375 44 500-15-10.