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Top 7 events in December 2019

When somebody says December we start thinking about winter fairy-tales, mandarins, buying gifts, Christmas tree with different decorations and foretaste of great celebration. This article is devoted to the most known December events!

№ 1 Gastrofest. Seafood

Афиша_гастрофест_Seafood_1.jpgFrom 12th of November till 1st of December some establishments of Minsk are taking part in Gastrofest. This time the stress is put on seafood. So the lovers of seafood are welcome! Some establishments of Minsk propose to taste exquisite meals. Here is a list of the establishments:

1. Restaurants «Заслонау», STUDIO Wine & Spirits, Perfetto, «101», L’angolo Italiano, La Piazza, «Березка», Evo, «Гостиный двор».

2. Cafes «Balcony», «Gold comb» и «Hanum Bazaar».

3. A Cocktail Bar Duck.

4. Bar ChefArts.

5. Pub Vinie Jones.

6. Out-of-town club Robinson.

You will pay 28 BYN for the meal, so make a hurry not to miss the chance.

№ 2 The concert: The disaster in Chernobyl.

The 2nd of December the museum of  diminutive things “The country of mini”  offer you to visit the event. The first cycle of lections by Stanislaw Stanislavowich Shushkevich will be organized.

From 19.00 till 20.00 you have a chance to meet with this legendary person in the museum of diminutive things “The country of mini”. The cost is from 15 BYN.

№ 3 The magic new year of youngsters

3TE9_2A6DYQ (1).jpgThe palace of children and youth offers to you the brilliant program for the smallest children. Funny Snegovyshka and nice Rozochka invite kids and their parents to see the marvelous winter fairy-taile. Entertaining games, funny dances, favourite songs with Father Frost are waiting for you. At the end of the celebration every child will be given a present.

Age: from 1 till 3.

Cost: 23 BYN.

Telephone: (29) 309-33-68, (17) 233-85-34.

№ 4 «Magic adventures in Castle of White Clouds»


In the spacious hall of the palace you will find an interactive performance with fairy-tale characters, dance and vocal numbers, a New Year's disco, and you will also have the opportunity to take photos with your favorite characters. Welcome to the Castle of White Clouds!

Everything is ready for the triumph in the castle of White Clouds! Brave knights brushed their armor to a mirror shine, fabulous Elves decorated the hall with their best crystals. Everything shines, sparkles and awaits its guests!

Age: 3+

Cost: children's ticket + gift - 15 BYN (adult ticket - 3 rubles)

Telephones: (44) 591-92-12, (17) 233-72-99

№ 5 "In a certain kingdom in a certain state ..."

q4l3xpKF-z8.jpgOn the eve of everyone’s favorite holidays, the Belarusian Circus invites viewers to plunge into the unique atmosphere of magic and presents a New Year's fairy tale. Spectators are expected not only New Year's adventures of the heroes, but also a meeting with Amazonian crocodiles, tropical parrots, charming dogs and many other interesting friends.

The Belarusian State Circus is waiting for small and large spectators to meet New Year's miracles together from December 14.


№ 6 “Travel to New Year's PlayLand”

EoqylANKU4k.jpgfrom 22nd of December  to 29th of December

The Palace of Children and Youth invites you to the performance "Journey to New Year's PlayLand." The symbol of the upcoming new year - the cartoon mouse Minnie Mouse - is bewitched! To save her and the most long-awaited holiday of the year, Snowlady invites children on a mystical journey to PlayLand. However, the path there is filled with witchcraft, intrigue and other obstacles. Friendly, courageous and cheerful, nothing to fear! Children will have an unforgettable holiday and a memory surprise.

Age: Grades 1-4, Grades 5-6.

Cost: 15 rub. (show program 1 hour 30 minutes, gift)

20 rubles (show program 2 hours, gift)

25 rubles (show program 3 hours, gift) + order by menu

Telephones: (29) 309-33-68, (17) 233-85-34.

№ 7 Christmas Market (Sandbox)

In anticipation of the New Year and Christmas, we are waiting for you to visit the Christmas market in the Sandbox.

Every day 25th -29th of December, from 12.00 to 21.00.

Free admission!

For you will be available:

• warm tents

• food court

• mulled wine and other warming drinks

• ice figures

• children's and culinary master classes

• cool photo zones

• grill zone

• christmas market

• dancing, musical performances

• And other surprises!

We will be happy if you become part of our festive atmosphere. We are waiting for you at our holiday!

Telephones: (29) 834-55-55.

In this article we picked up for you the most interesting events of December. We suppose this information will help you. Thank you for your attention!