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Top Belarusian actors

In the modern world, there are practically no people who would not like cinema. A romantic date, meeting with friends, hanging out with children - any event can brighten up a good movie. And if there is also a wonderful cast, then this is one of the most budgetary options to escape from everyday life. We all know Leonardo DiCaprio, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, and in general, American film distribution has received worldwide fame thanks to so many valuable personnel. As for our country, we also do not stand still, and there are a lot of good actors in the arsenal of Belarusian cinema.

A brief history of the development of the film industry in Belarus

Belarusian cinema is almost 90 years old. The history of national cinema originates from the black-and-white silent film Forest Real Estate, which was shot in 1926 in Leningrad, since at that time the production base of Belgoskino was absent. The film studio moved to the capital of Belarus in 1939. After 9 years, it received the current name - “Belarusfilm”.

Today, the national film studio is one of the leading film factories in Eastern Europe with a full production cycle, capable of producing up to 15 feature films, 40 documentary films and 10 animated films a year. Filmmakers from other countries, in particular Russia, also use the services of Belarusfilm.


The national film studio Belarusfilm is a leading enterprise in the film industry of the Republic of Belarus. Over the years, more than 650 feature films, about 2,000 documentaries and more than 200 animated films have been released here. Pictures released at the film studios were included in the Golden Fund of Russian and world cinema: The Adventures of Pinocchio and the Little Red Riding Hood by Leonid Nechaev, I come from childhood by Viktor Turov, In August of the 44th ... by Mikhail Ptashuk and many others. In recent years, Belarusfilm has been actively engaged in the modernization of its material and technical base, and colossal reconstruction work has been carried out.

Top Belarusian actors

How interesting, difficult and relevant to be an actor today. How many qualities in oneself have to be cultivated in order to become a professional in this field? Some go to this all their lives, and only then get the main roles, showing in them the whole experience of the past years. Today we will find out the names of the best Belarusian actors.

Alexander Bespaly

Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus, Soviet and Belarusian film and theater actor, theater director. All these are the results of hard work, because in all his life the actor played more than 130 roles in the movie. In collaboration with the honored artist of Belarus Vladimir Gritsevsky, he staged the performances "The Merchant Epishkin Theater","The Last Woman of Senor Juan", "The Island of Our Love and Hope", "Forever in Memory", "The Battlefield" and others. Alexander died on August 22, 2016, but the memory of this great man will be kept for many years.

Vladimir Gostyukhin

He is Honored Artist of the RSFSR and National Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

Apart from the episodes in the films “It was the month of May”, “The Heart of Russia”, “The Great Holodraders”, then Vladimir Gostyukhin played his first noticeable role in the film “Ascent” by Larisa Shepitko. This is a military drama based on the story of Vasily Bykov. 20 actors claimed the role of the main character, but Shepitko chose the little-known Vladimir Gostyukhin. The film received wide acclaim from the audience and was praised by critics. The picture was awarded several awards in the USSR, as well as the prestigious Golden Bear World Prize.

And the second wave of popularity covered him after the series "Truckers", where Gostyukhin created the image of a wise and practical trucker, an experienced driver.

Gennady Garbuk

Gennady Mikhailovich Garbuk is a Soviet and Belarusian film and theater actor. National Artist of the Belarusian SSR. Laureate of the USSR State Prize.

Known for such works as "Evening" with the legendary - Galina Makarova, Victor Tarasov. The filmography of Garbuk is very large and diverse, but for some reason the role of Vasil from the movie "People in the Swamp" is undeservedly forgotten.

Anatoly Kotenev

Anatoly Vladimirovich Kotenev - Soviet and Belarusian artist, now an actor at the Studio Theater of the film actor of the National Film Studio Belarusfilm, vice president of the Belarusian Guild of Film Actors. Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

He is organic in any, even the smallest role, and it is impossible not to notice him. Talent, pronounced personality and endless attractiveness will not let you forget about his work. His most striking role in the film "Secret Fairway", where the role of Shubin, a real man and officer, was remarkably played.

Ivan Matskevich

Ivan Ivanovich Matskevich is a Soviet and Belarusian film and theater actor. Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

Soft, modest, with a "rich density" low baritone, a talented actor. Particularly striking role of Ivan is rightfully considered the role of General Pavlov in the film "War in the West."

Stefania Stanyuta

Stefania Mikhailovna Stanyuta - Soviet, Belarusian theater and film actress. National Artist of the USSR.

A strong personality and great talent - that’s why Belarus will remember the great actress who played in 75 projects and went on stage until her 95th birthday!

Gennady Ovsyannikov

Gennady Stepanovich Ovsyannikov - Soviet, Belarusian theater and film actor. National Artist of the USSR.

At the mention of Gennady, his hilarious cry is immediately recalled: "- Kostya is driving!" (from "Between Life and Death") "- And Mikhas, he ... he came out earlier ...". In such a serious film, to create such a comedic image of a funny confused man was subject only to him.

Zoya Belokhvostik

Zoya Valentinovna Belokhvostik is a wonderful woman and actress who has played in 47 projects of Belarusian cinema, Honored Artist of Belarus, National Artist of Belarus.

Her acting personality is revealed in the dramatic play, songs, dances. The artist reveals a wide range of dramatic means in the classical repertoire: Polina in the play “Profitable Place” by A. Ostrovsky, Fima from “Children of the Sun” M. Gorky, Natalya Ivanovna and Anna Petrovna in the plays of A. Chekhov “Three Sisters” and “Ivanov”.

Rostislav Yankovsky

Rostislav Ivanovich Yankovsky - Soviet, Belarusian film and theater actor. National Artist of the USSR.

Even playing small roles, Rostislav always did it with brilliance, his character was remembered. For example, impressive roles in the films "Adam's Rib" (Victor Vitalievich), "State Counselor" (Khrapov), "State Border" (Colonel Lukin).

Igor Sigov

Igor Alekseevich Sigov - Belarusian actor of theater and cinema. Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

A truly talented Actor. Not only bestowing, but talent. With its core and inner essence, which you can’t hide and cannot be taught. "The Dnieper boundary" was remembered by the audience forever. And also, the performance of Adele on the Youtube reveals Igor as a bright, unlike any actor.

Anna Hitrick

Anna Sergeyevna Hitrik - Belarusian singer and actress. She works at the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater, has played in a modern art theater, as well as in the Belarusian Republican Theater for Young Spectators.

Until 2009, she worked on television in the children's television program "Kalyhanka" by puppeteer Lysychka.

Victor Manaev

Victor Sergeevich Manaev - National Artist of the Republic of Belarus.

Even in the smallest company, there is a longtime admirer of Victor Manaev’s work!

As Victor said, "Disaster of talent is to create emptyness." This expression is his motto. Therefore, you will hardly see his movie roles. Not catchy. What can not be said about the performances. From the dandelion soldier in the Privates to assessor Kryuchkov in the Pinsk gentry - Victor looked organically everywhere.

Sergey Cherkes

Sergey Cherkes - Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus. Roles in which Cherkes is maximally organic: Hamlet - “The Tragic Tale of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark” by V. Shakespeare;

Odovalsky, Shlyakhtich, the Messenger, Senator, Timoshka - “Demetrius” by Schiller; Professor - “Free marriage” D.Fo, F.Rame.

Bella Masumyan

Bella Masumyan - Belarusian Soviet actress of Armenian descent, National Artist of Belarus. Works in the national Belarusian Gorky theater since 1961. The artist of the highest category, in 2007 awarded the Francis Skorina Medal. Bella Amikovna has many awards, but one that has sentimental value for her is the article by her teacher Dmitry Orlov, “I am proud of the student” about her role as Varia Kharlamova in the play “Virgin Soil Upturned”.

Anton Kravchenko

The Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus Anton Kravchenko played the roles of romantic Romeo and Tristan, courageous Spartak, wise Vitovt and the cunning Til Ulenspiegel. For outstanding achievements in the profession, he was awarded the Francis Skorina Medal. And now he is the premiere of the Bolshoi Theater.

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