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TOP 10 best casinos of Belarus in 2019-2020

If you came to Belarus, looked at all attractions, ate potato pancakes to satiety and have no idea what to do next, do not despair. Everyone in our country will find entertainment to any taste. Here, for example, gambling people and poker fans can go to the casino and bet a couple of hundred dollars on black.

In this article, we will talk about the best casinos in Minsk and the whole Republic (here you can find the list of the best casinos in Minsk).

Casino of Belarus

The first casino in the Republic of Belarus appeared in 1992, and today there are already 35 of them all over the country, 19 of which are in Minsk. In addition, there are casinos not only in large cities such as Brest or Mogilev, but also in towns and in cities.

Brest (Casinos in Brest)

Casino "Maxwell club"

This casino is made in the Italian style and is located in the Intourist Hotel in the center of Brest. There are you can play Russian poker, Texas Hold'em, poker oasis, Black Jack and American roulette. In addition, the casino has slot machines, which are located in a separate room. The Maxwell club casino accepts Visa and MasterCard cards. There is a bar in the casino, and the hotel has an elite restaurant that closes at 2 a.m.

The casino operates 24 hours a day; there is an exchange office in the hotel premises, as well as 24-hour security staff.

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Casino "Metelitsa"

In this casino you can not only play five and six card poker, American roulette, blackjack, Texas and Russian poker, but also see show programs, hold a buffet, watch sports broadcasts, listen to live music, and besides all this, get nice bonuses.

The casino has an arcade, electronic roulette and a bar. In addition, if you get hungry during an exciting game, you can eat at the cafe.

The facility is open 24 hours a day, and next to the building, there is a parking for those who come by personal transport.

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Gomel (Casinos in Gomel)

Casino "Europe"

In the hall of the casino "Europe" there are 8 gaming tables and 35 slot machines. The casino offers you a wide selection of poker game options: Caribbean poker, oasis poker, Russian poker, Texas Hold'em, poker golden oasis. In addition to poker, you can also play Black Jack here.

For the convenience of guests, the casino is open 24 hours a day. Plasma TVs in the casino bar broadcast movies, concerts and sporting events.

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Grodno (Casinos in Grodno)

Casino "Victory"

This casino has impeccable service, customer care and an individual approach. Everything is done here so that the guest would like to come again to "Victory". The gaming club promises: transparent rules of the game, a guarantee of modern winnings in any size, personal safety, more than 30 slot machines, which you can play a large number of games, as well as VIP-zones in each room with comfortable leather sofas, where you can relax, smoke a cigar or drink a glass of your favorite drink.

The casino also has a round-the-clock bar, transferring credits from one device to another without restrictions on the amount and without paying 4% tax, and you can also pay with a Maestro, Master Card, VISA and Visa Electron credit card, as well as a Belkart Belarusian card.