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Walking and cycling tours in Belarus

You can talk about travel for hours, because this is the most unforgettable vacation. And if everyone already knows about sun loungers by the pool, what about outdoor enthusiasts? We will talk about them today. There is a sufficient amount of active recreation in Belarus. You can even travel around Belarus on foot or by bike. Everything about cycling / walking tours and their agencies in this article.

Hiking trails in Belarus

The only thing that money cannot buy is emotions. So if you like outdoor activities, go on a walking tour. We will show you which tours are better to choose.

Tours from

Its tours are for those who prefer travelling by foot to explore the most interesting places of our vast homeland. is ready to help you. The guys find, supplement or make hiking routes in Belarus.

Vandrouka offers 23 routes in Belarus, the description of which includes:

• route duration;

• season;

• departure;

• description.

The guys know the most outstanding places in our country, and they will definitely introduce you with history.

Tours from

Do you want to spend some unforgettable days in the outback of Belarus? Do you like outdoor recreation? Then go to The guys create accessible, interesting, and varied routes, including many attractions.

The website presents 5 routes: immersion in history; Luban "Seychelles"; philosophical approach; a hike about everything; one day light. Under each tour, its duration, length of the walking route, strong points and a brief description of them are described. This will allow you to immerse in the journey before it even begins, and find out what awaits you.

Tours from published 8 walking tours “for those who are tired of Mir castle and Nesvizh”. The task was to make a creative sightseeing tour without affecting the main tourist paths, hacked by each guide. After all, most of the year here is not so hot, not as sunny as many would like. Therefore, you only need to create the atmosphere yourself.

The website will help you to organize the trip yourself according to the instructions. There you will also find illustrations, description and cost of the route per person. This is a real guide to the most budget travel.

Tours from

There are more than 70 ecological trails in Belarusian reserves and reserves. Wildlife have chosen several, where the beauty of our lakes, forests or swamps will surely take your breath away.

On the website you will find 5 trails with all warnings, instructions, and tips for active use. Read on and go on a journey!

Agencies for organizing walking tours in Belarus

If you hear about walking tours for the first time, then it is better to contact specialists. They will select a tour for you according to all criteria, as well as assign an interesting guide and give an author's program.

It is not necessary to go deep into Belarus, because you can organize an excursion around Minsk. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to see Belarus as versatile, sometimes bizarre and picturesque.

Bicycle tours in Belarus

Cycling tours with full support are a new type of cycling tourism for Belarus. There are always enthusiasts who plan the route themselves and can ride their bicycles through any swamp. Cycle tours come in handy when you want to relax, rather than planning Operation Pedals and keeping a retreat plan in mind. You can go on your own, gather colleagues for a corporate office or entertain your guests while you are busy with work. Everything is simple: you choose the route, and everything else will be done for you.

Good organizers are always happy to provide all the conditions for comfort: bike, food, accommodation, as well as their unique knowledge of the route.

Tours can be of varying degrees of difficulty, so you don't have to be an athlete for this type of vacation. To take a tour in Belarus, you don't need any special skills. You just need to know how to ride a bike and have a little stamina. Beforehand, you can practice on the Minsk bike paths.

Bicycle tours in Minsk and Belarus

It is useful to get out of Minsk to find out that untouched nature begins outside the ring, and you can meet hospitable people and historical relics. Many of them can be easily reached by bike. And now it can also be done with comfort along the proven routes. If you want, pack your tent and ride on your own or gather a team of friends, order a tour specifically for yourself and put all worries out of your head.

Biketours is an organization created with the aim of developing cycling and protecting the interests of cyclists in Minsk and the Minsk region. The guys work with both Belarusian travelers and foreign ones. They will take you on a ride along the most unusual routes, tell the history of each place, and also answer all your questions.

Does it make sense for a foreign cyclist to travel to Belarus? Of course yes. And this is evidenced by a number of reasons:

• Country location. For those who are not chasing the need to see all the world's masterpieces, Belarus offers a different heritage - an accessible and disposable nature. This is generally especially important for cyclists;

• Flat relief. It is very easy to pedal in Belarus. There are practically no slides. Our tallest mountain is a whopping 345 meters, 3 times the tallest building in the country;

• Nature. The opportunity to see the most picturesque corners of the country is already a significant argument in favor of a trip;

•Wild nature. There are quite large animals in Belarus: deer, moose, wild boars, bison, wolves and even bears. However, do not be alarmed, there are practically no cases of attacks on people;

•Safety. The level of street safety in Belarus is considered average or better than average. At least in our streets it is much safer than in Russia. If you want to see a country with a Soviet past, but be confident in your own safety, it is better to visit Belarus;

• Price. In general, the cost of food in shops and service in cafes and restaurants is not high, especially in the provinces. In Minsk, the prices reach the average European level.

Bike tours from

On the website of the organization you can find interesting information about cycling tours. develop author's tours, describe them, and even make a photo report.

Each tour is accompanied by a description of its duration, mileage, and a map with a diagram.

The advantages of the portal are the development of author's routes and travel time. As a rule, tours do not take more than one day. This means that such trips will be budgetary and feasible even for beginners in cycling.