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What gift from Belarus will surprise a friend and please a loved one?

Coming back home from a trip, most of us bring something as a keepsake, not only for ourselves, but also for the dearest. You can keep it simple and buy trinkets with the symbol of the city you visited. Still in each country there are unique things that cannot be bought anywhere else (or at least it'll take some work). Belarus is no exception. We have prepared for you a selection of 10 cute unhacked souvenirs at a low cost. Fridge magnet and badges are off the table!


Cranberries in Sugar

This tasty and peculiar dessert has long been enjoyed by Belarusians. Cranberries in sugar “Patsalunki Padarunki” are stylishly decorated, and you will find inscriptions in Belarusian on the box, wishing all the best. Under this brand, you can find other cranberry products, for example, a set of sweets, cranberries in dragees or chocolate glaze with different tastes.

Manufacturers claim that what you find inside the box is all natural and without preservatives and harmful additives. Judge for yourself: the composition enlists only cranberries, powdered sugar and potato starch.

It’s easy to find these sweet and sour berries. Just look at the shelves by the cashier desk at any grocery store. The price of a treat will please you - up to 4 rubles per 100 g (about $2).


Figure 1 Photo taken from the website











Belarusian linen is famous for its lightness of fabrics, a variety of products and design variations. You can buy items of clothing, for example, dresses or pants, made of linen. The advantage of these fabrics is that in summer it is the most comfortable clothing for the body.

Linen tablecloths or towels will do great as a gift for a family. The Belarusian manufacturers offer a selection of bedding sets, bedspreads and rugs made of linen.

Branded shops with products of Belarusian Linen are located in the shopping centers Stolitsa, Zamok, Dana Mall, Tivali, Titan, Outleto.

The cost depends on which product you like. We advise you to bring along about 100 rubles ($50) to find suitable gifts.

By the way, you can also find decorative dolls and national rushnyks made of linen. However, production is more complex for such items - and the price, respectively, will be higher.

Figure 2 A set of linen. Photo taken from the website

Lida Shoes

These shoes are great value for money. Sports shoes of the Belarusian manufacturer deserve attention due to the design: they tried on it and it turned out fashionable sneakers at an affordable price.

You can find Lida sneakers with the national emblem of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania - the first batch with such a tab in Minsk snapped up in a day! In search of shoes, go to 5 Vera Horuzhaya Street. The cost is about 55 rubles (or about $ 26).

You can find them even cheaper! Look for interesting models of suede Lida sneakers in GUM or TsUM stores. Some can be found at the Sporting Goods store (30 Yakub Kolos St.). Please note that most of the shoe model are for male.

Figure 3 Lida sneakers. Photo taken from the website

Belarusian Cosmetics

Care and makeup cosmetics of Belarusian manufacturers became a fixture on the shelves of foreigners and locals. Tourists love our cosmetics - for its value, it really works well!

Mascara Luxvisage XXL has become a favorite among many girls. It perfectly separates eyelashes, makes eyes expressive, it comes not only in black and brown, but also in blue. Such mascara costs about 8 rubles (or $4).

Set eyes on Belarusian matte lipsticks. For example, Relouis True Matte Complimenti are known for a wide selection of shades and good durability. The cost of one tube is about 5 rubles ($2.5).

Belarusian care cosmetics have good properties. Take a closer look at the patches from Belkosmex: they cost about 3 rubles ($1.5), while moisturizing the skin well and smoothing out signs of fatigue. Creams and face masks will delight you with both price and quality. The choice is handy: by gender, skin type, age. Don’t worry about the design - Belarusian manufacturers are also working on the style of the packaging.

Look for Belarusian cosmetics at all cosmetics salespoints (for example, at GUM, TsUM, Mila stores).

Figure 4 A set of Belarusian cosmetics. Photo taken from the website

Quality Underwear

If you want to choose underwear that is pleasant to the body and with a fun design - go to Mark Formelle. The Belarusian manufacturer worked well on the design: sophisticated lingerie, stylish body-liners, pajamas. Designers do not forget about men, they have a choice of wide array of underwear, T-shirts. Mark Formelle socks have a creative design. Size up to them - they look cool and modern.

Mark Formelle pricing is quite affordable. Lace underwear will cost you about 10 rubles ($5). Socks have a price of about 3 rubles ($1.5). By the way, the stores also sell outerwear: dresses, pants, sweaters, cardigans. Overall, there are plenty options to choose the right gift.