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украина и беларусь

When will Ukraine open borders with Belarus?

The most pleasant time of the year has come - it's summer. It's time for vacations, travels, meetings with family and friends. For many people the issue of travel becomes relevant. But situation in this year is not so simple. Many countries are quarantined, many countries have completely closed their borders. So is it really going to be hopeless this year? Take, for example, Ukraine, when will Belarusians be able to visit there? We will study all these issues in detail in this article.

Coronavirus in Ukraine

The spread of coronavirus in Ukraine began on March 3, 2020, when the first case in the Chernivtsi region was confirmed. As it became known, an infected Ukrainian citizen arrived from Italy to Romania by plane, and then moved to Ukraine by car.

The authorities did not give up on the situation, as the consequences could be irreversible. Therefore, on March 11, a quarantine regime was introduced throughout the country. What does it mean? In the country, all large shopping centers and shops (except grocery and drugstores), cafes, bars, restaurants, beauty salons, entertainment centers, cultural and sports facilities, educational institutions - in general, all crowded places ceased their activities. It was reported that most of the border crossings would be closed - 170 out of 219.

After the first death from a coronavirus, the President decided to close the borders with other countries.

Presumably, the quarantine was supposed to last until April 3, but the authorities considered that this was not enough, and extended it until April 24, and after until May 11. Then the quarantine had to be extended until May 22, but on May 11 it was softened.

As of June 6, 26514 cases of Covid-19 infection were confirmed in Ukraine. At the same time, 777 patients died, and 11812 recovered.

Coronavirus in Belarus

The spread of coronavirus in Belarus began on February 27, 2020, when a student from BNTU who came from Iran received a positive test for Covid-19. He was immediately placed in a hospital ward, but the spread of the virus could not be stopped.

On March 12, the Council of Ministers decided to limit all cultural events, sports and scientific events with international participation until April 6.

Decree of the Council of Ministers of March 25, 2020 No. 171 defines measures to prevent the importation and spread of infection caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus. As part of the decree, it is approved that persons who have arrived in the country from countries in which cases of COVID-19 infection are registered should be self-insulated at home for 14 calendar days from the date of arrival in Belarus; they are also not subject to subsequent passage through the state border until the expiration of the period of self-isolation.

Already on March 30, the first person died from coronavirus.

No quarantine has been introduced in Belarus, but authorities daily inform citizens about compliance with security measures.

As of June 6, 2020, 46868 cases of Covid-19 infection were confirmed in Belarus, 22066 recovered, 259 infected died.

Business communications between Ukraine and Belarus in a coronavirus

After April 7, 2020, the following road checkpoints at the border of Ukraine with the Republic of Belarus were opened for departure for foreigners traveling by road:

• Senkivka (from the Belarusian side of Veselovka),

• New Yarylovichi (from the Belarussian side New Guta),

• Slavutich (from the Belarusian side Komarin),

• Vystupovichi (from the Belarusian side, New Rudnya),

• Domanovo (from the Belarusian side of Mokrana).

Airlines work

The work of airlines in Ukraine begins to recover. It has already been decided that flights between Turkey and Ukraine will be restored from June 15, and in the near future it will be possible to fly along the route Kiev-Sofia, Kiev-Georgia.

Belarusian airlines also sell tickets. All details can be found on the airline website.

In both countries, the rules of air travel during a pandemic are announced. Mandatory is the wearing of masks for passengers and airport staff. Personnel should also be wearing protective gloves.

Rail traffic

On the website of the Belarusian Railway, you can find information that the movement of trains in the Belarus-Ukraine connection is carried out according to the schedule, without any changes. Ticket sales for all trains running from Belarus to Ukraine, including the Crimea, and in the opposite direction, did not stop and is also carried out normally.

Passing the border

Starting March 16, 2020, foreigners and stateless persons will not be allowed to enter Ukraine through the state border of Ukraine.

Belarus during the pandemic did not impose restrictions on entry into the country. Control on the Belarusian side of the border has not changed much.

Transit through the territory of Ukraine

Transit passage through the territory of Ukraine also ceased to be valid.

Citizens of Belarus in Ukraine

Citizens arriving from Belarus are subject to compulsory observation (isolation) within 14 days after crossing the state border in specialized institutions, which are determined by the Kiev city, regional state administrations.

Getting medical help

In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, namely paragraph 2 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 19, 2014 No. 121, foreigners and stateless persons temporarily residing or staying on the territory of Ukraine, medical assistance is provided on a paid basis, unless otherwise provided by international treaties or laws of Ukraine. Accordingly, foreign citizens residing in Ukraine are required to have a medical insurance policy for receiving medical care and / or conclude an agreement with healthcare institutions for receiving medical care.

Hotline in Ukraine for medical care for the disease COVID-19 0-800-505-840.

+38 050 406 23 30 - a telephone for emergency communications only for citizens of the Republic of Belarus who are in emergency situations when there is a real threat to health, safety or life, including on the epidemic of coronavirus.

Return to Belarus

Crossing the border in the event of the return of a citizen of the Republic of Belarus is carried out normally, since Belarus did not close its borders.

Sanitary and quarantine control at borders

There are 12 checkpoints on the external border of the Republic of Belarus with Ukraine, in which sanitary-quarantine control is carried out.

Forecast: when will Ukraine open its borders?

It is officially reported that the country will open its borders depending on when other European countries decide to open their own, provided that the situation with coronavirus in the country is calm. According to some media reports, the borders of Ukraine will remain closed to foreigners at least until mid-June.

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