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Winter holidays in Belarus 2019-2020

We travel in Belarus in winter – what interesting about the country in the cold season?

A very brave decision is to go to Belarus in winter. The climate in our country is not mild; there may be frosts and sharp fluctuations in temperature. However, in the cold time of the year Belarus looks magical. Snow, light garlands, ice rinks create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. In order not to wander through the cold streets in vain, we have collected for you 10 the best places in Belarus, which are definitely worth a visit during the winter holidays.

Center of Minsk

In the heart of Minsk will definitely be something to surprise! By the New Year holidays the city is transformed: it becomes bright and colorful. The Christmas atmosphere is complemented with the festive illumination, which is throughout the center. Every year the city authorities come up with more and more decorations of the capital. Near the Palace of the Republic, a huge Christmas ball took a place of honor. It looks great!

At the end of 2018, the main Christmas tree was a very unusual design on October square. The artificial Christmas tree was decorated with three thousand balls of various sizes. For festive illumination, for the first time it was used the pixel technology, thanks to which a variety of images were demonstrated.

Unusually the city is decorated near the Minsk Town Hall. 2019 celebrated with a “festive portal”: an unusual led arch. Visit the site at the Minsk Sports Palace, last year the Christmas tree was decorated in the form of the led strip wrapped around a cone. The daisy chain descending from the top of the tree impressed a lot of people. By the way, Christmas decorations are not only in the center of Minsk. Dormitory suburbs are also decorated and bright Christmas trees “grow” there too.

This year Christmas decorations will be definitely no worse! The holidays in Belarus are approached with all responsibility – so Minsk will meet you with colorful winter decoration.

Figure 1

Silichi, Raubichi, Logoisk

Belarus also has a lot of surprises in store for outdoor enthusiasts. See for yourself – and go to the local “ski resorts” in Silichi, Raubichi or Logoisk. All these complexes are located near Minsk and it will not be a problem to get there.

Here you can snowboard or ski down a steep track. Choose skates or tubing for skiing down snow-covered hills. For fans of extreme sports there is an opportunity for ski jumping or visit an extreme park. There are a lot of options for an eventful vacation! By the way, the tracks in these places differ in the level of complexity. Therefore, both newcomer and professional will not be bored.

Figure 2

Belovezhskaya Pushcha

Do you have time and opportunities? We advise you to go on an excursion to the National Park Belovezhskaya Pushcha in the Brest region. From Minsk you can get there on the highway Brest (M 1) before the road turn to Zhabinka (P 7), after – to Kamyanets and then to Kamenyuki (P 83). Or follow the highway Brest (M 1) before the road turn to Slonim (P 21), then go to Kamenets and then – to Kamenyuki (P 83).

The National Park in Belarus is considered the residence of Father Frost. The fairy-tale wizard welcomes guests all the year round. But in winter it looks especially interesting.

In Belovezhskaya Pushcha the European bisons live – rare animals that belong to the endangered species. Here you can walk along the paths of the ancient forest, go skiing. Performances are organized for children – no one will be bored.

And here you can taste the Belarusian national cuisine and enjoy the charm of the local nature.

Figure 3


Museum complex of ancient crafts and technologies “Dudutki” is situated in the Minsk region. To get here is not difficult. And in winter, the complex has a lot of entertainment!

You can ride a horse-drawn britzka. For you the bread will be baked according to all the traditions – in the oven – and the Belarusian traditional herbal tea will be made. The Museum complex is open all the year round. In winter it is especially beautiful and atmospheric here. The interactive format provides amusement for both adults and children. Here workshops, puzzles, quizzes are organized.