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Audit company "Auditex"
Audit company "Auditex"

Audit company "Auditex"

List of services

Auditex is a company that has been operating in the field of audit and audit-related services for over 20 years. With a firm guarantee, specialists undertake exclusively the work that helps to earn a decent business reputation in the audit services market.

The wide range of services includes:

• Audit (tax, construction, express audit, personnel, etc.);

• Consultations (one-time or subscriber);

• IFRS (audit of IFRS statements, transformation of IFRS statements, etc.);

• Consulting (risk assessment, business planning, financial management, etc.).

Cost and terms of the services

There is a price list for services on the official website of the company:

• Mandatory audit - from 200 BYN for 1 person / day;

• Initiative audit - from 150 BYN for 1 person / day;

• Tax audit - from 180 BYN for 1 person / day;

• Construction audit - from 250 BYN for 1 person / day;

• Express audit - from 200 BYN for 1 person / day, etc.

Detailed information on the cost can be found on the website, or by calling a company representative.

Contact Information

All the details about audit services can be found:

• by phone +375 (29) 666-77-90;

• to the email address:

Company address: Minsk, st. Gorodetskaya, 38 / A, office 32.