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Audit company "FBK BEL"
Audit company "FBK BEL"

Audit company "FBK BEL"

List of services in "FBK BEL"

FBK-Bel is one of the top 10 best companies in the field of audit, consulting and analytical assistance to clients. The FBK-Bel Company established a subsidiary company FBK-Consult to provide clients with a range of consulting and audit services.

FBK-Bel provides a wide range of professional services:

• Audit;


• Consulting services;

• Legal services;

• Assessment and management of assets;

• Training;

• Construction activity;

• Construction audit;

• Outsourcing.

Cost and terms of the services

All detailed information about the cost of services can be found by contacting a company representative by phone. The representative will answer all your questions, and will make a personal meeting if necessary.

You will be told more about the timing at a personal meeting, after carefully reviewing the company and your requirements.

Contact Information

All the details about audit services can be found:

• by phone +375 (17) 355-42-23;

• by e-mail

Company address: Minsk, Logoiskiy tract, 22A, office 201