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Beauty salon "TRIMSTYLE"

Beauty salon "TRIMSTYLE"

Interior and ambience in Trimstyle salon

In TrimStyle salon, every girl will find a wide range of services of the highest quality at affordable prices. Here they believe that beauty requires care, not sacrifice, therefore, only professional cosmetics of well-known brands are used in the procedures.

Each client is issued a special card, which is filled in as the procedures go through. This will keep track of changes.

Guests always notice the uniqueness of the TrimStyle beauty space. The interior of the room is overwhelmed with bed tones and sophisticated notes of French splendor. Guests are offered to relax over a cup of invigorating coffee or aromatic tea, chat with the masters and enjoy every minute spent within the walls of the hairdresser.

The salon is proud of a team of craftsmen, because each specialist has at least 7 years of experience and deep knowledge in the beauty and health industry. Experts use modern techniques to achieve results in a short time.

Services in Trimstyle salon

The salon offers a wide range of hairdressing services. Here you can find care of any complexity. Masters perform festive hairstyles and treatments for hair and scalp, complex coloring, hair extensions, children's and men's haircuts.

The salon offers nail service, where everyone has access to all types of manicure and pedicure, art painting and nail extension, long-term coating and much more.

Appointment to Trimstyle salon

Registration is available by phone +37544 792-44-04.