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Belarusian State Medical College
Belarusian State Medical College


The Belarusian State Medical College (Minsk) is an institution of secondary specialized medical and pharmaceutical education of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus (the higher organization is the Health Committee of the Minsk City Executive Committee), which provides secondary specialized medical and pharmaceutical education, retraining and advanced training of medical and pharmaceutical workers.

The college provides training in the following specialties:

• “Nursing”

• “Medical business”

• “Dental prosthetics”

• “Pharmacy”

More than 1.5 thousand students undergo training at the institution, annually improve their professional level and acquire new qualifications over 10 thousand people.

In the classroom, the teaching staff of the college widely applies world-class teaching methods that shape and develop professional thinking in future nurses, paramedics, obstetricians and pharmacists. Thanks to the skill of college teachers, graduates are competitive, have the skills for further self-improvement and development.

The educational process and educational work in college are aimed at developing the personality of each student, creative abilities, memory, intelligence, and the activation of cognitive activity.