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Linguistic and Humanitarian College at MSLU
Linguistic and Humanitarian College at MSLU


Linguistic Humanities College is a structural unit of Minsk State Linguistic University. This is one of the most popular institutions of secondary specialized education in the city and the republic. The educational institution provides language education to graduates of the basic school on the basis of a combination of theoretical and practical training.

The college staff strives to successfully solve the problems of training a highly qualified, competitive specialist, citizen and patriot, taking into account the needs of the labor market and socio-economic development of the republic by introducing new criteria in the quality of educational content, creating conditions for the socialization of the student’s personality.

Today, Linguistic and Humanitarian College is a multi-structured, mobile, modern educational institution that gives a good start to life success.

- Documentation and management documentation
- Foreign language (English)
- Foreign language (German)
- Linguistic support of sociocultural activity
- Linguistic support for sign communication