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Minsk Radio Engineering College
Minsk Radio Engineering College


Minsk Radio Engineering College was founded in Minsk in 1960. Having started its activities during the formation and development of the radio-electronic industry in the Republic of Belarus, the radio technical college has gradually transformed into a higher college. College graduates have always been distinguished and distinguished by a deep knowledge of their field, confident knowledge of modern technology. Many of them became skilled organizers, well-known scientists, radio electronics specialists, and were awarded high government awards. Pupils and students of MGVRK have the opportunity to improve their sportsmanship and realize creative talents. The college has wide connections with educational institutions and enterprises of the Republic of Belarus, and also participates in various international projects.

- Micro and nanoelectronic technologies and systems
- Programmable mobile systems
- Information Technology Software (Mathematical Information Processing Software)
- Design and manufacture of electronic equipment
- Technical maintenance of electronic equipment (Maintenance and repair of household radio and television equipment)
- Electronic computing