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Center of certification "Standard"
Center of certification "Standard"

Center of certification "Standard"

List of services

The company helps clients to certify products in Belarus. You can apply using online forms on the official website or by phone.

The company is engaged in the certification of the following products:

• Food products

• Nutritional supplements

• Alcohol

• Perfumes and cosmetics

• Electrical goods

• Energy efficiency

• Cars and equipment

• Packaging

• Products for children and adolescents

• Light industry goods

• Toys

• Individual protection means

Cost and terms of the services

The cost of services depends on the nature of the products:

• certification of technical objects - 282 BYN;

• certification of alcoholic beverages - 168 BYN;

• certification of toys - 240 BYN;

• certification of other goods - 210 BYN.

Terms of certification are discussed with each client individually. In the presence of a complete package of documents and a test report, the certification period may be limited to one day.

Contact Information

All the details about the certification of goods in the Standard Center can be found:

• by phone +375 (17) 301-01-21;

• by contacting administrators via the mail address

The address of the certification body: Minsk district, Shchomyslitsky s / s district, Bogatyrevo village 23/4, pom. No. 101.