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Certification company "Certificates.bel"
Certification company "Certificates.bel"

Certification company "Certificates.bel"

List of services

The company provides certification and standardization services on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and the EAEU. All measures taken in the course of work are absolutely consistent with the legislation of the country.

The company provides the following services:

• Certificate of conformity

• Declaration

• Technical conditions (TU)

• Certification of organizations

• Certification in construction

• Check my certificate



Many entrepreneurs do not consider it necessary to contact a product certification company, because it is not necessary. But then they are faced with the problem of the annual release of new technical regulations of the CU. A busy person will not always be able to spend so much time tracking existing regulations, so we recommend that you contact a specialist. They will tell you whether mandatory product certification is required in each specific case.

Cost and terms of the services

The exact cost and period of certification depends on each specific case. You can find out the price list and duration of work by contacting the company representatives.

But it is worth remembering that in most of the laboratories of the Republic of Belarus for the clients of Certificates.bel the price is reduced by 40-60%, which makes it possible to reduce the total cost in some cases by more than half.

If you are a regular customer of the company, additional bonuses will be waiting for you.

Contact Information

All the details about the certification of goods in Certificates.bel can be found by calling +375 (29) 767-50-73.

On the official website of the company, you can find a special window for questions, where specialists will answer your questions as soon as possible.