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Belarusian National Technical University
Belarusian National Technical University


Preparatory courses (pre-university preparation) for centralized testing and entrance tests (on a paid basis) based on BNTU.

We invite applicants for additional training in subjects of centralized testing and entrance tests.

We provide an opportunity to obtain and consolidate knowledge in academic subjects, so that the obtained high result of passing the CT guarantees guaranteed admission to the leading universities of the country (BNTU; BSU; BSUIR; BSTU; BSTU, etc.).

Training in our courses is a guarantee of quality preparation for centralized testing and the successful completion of entrance examinations !!!
    - three-month (02.03.2020-23.05.2020) evening (mathematics, physics, Belarusian, Russian and English languages). Set from 02/03/2020;
   -  three-month (02.03.2020-23.05.2020) evening in preparation for entrance examinations for admission to a shortened period of study in the following areas:

  •         "Fundamentals of Engineering Graphics",
  •         "Fundamentals of information technology",
  •         “Materials science and technology of materials”,
  •         "Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering",
  •         "Fundamentals of Management",
  •         "Organization Economics",
  •         "Building materials and products",
  •         "Geodesy",
  •         "Picture",
  •         "Composition",
  •         "Occupational Safety and Health. Environmental Protection and Energy Saving ”,
  •         "Fundamentals of Algorithmization and Programming"

Set from 02/03/2020:

  • short-term (06/15/2020/04/07/2020) full-time for applicants to the Faculty of Architecture (drawing, painting, composition, drawing). Set from 06/01/2020;
  • express courses (11.06.2020-24.06.2020) before undergoing centralized testing (Russian and English, physics, mathematics). Set: from 05/18/2020.

Students who have successfully completed preparatory courses, upon admission to the BNTU, may have a pre-emptive right to enrollment in case of equal competition points.