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Belarusian State Academy of Arts
Belarusian State Academy of Arts


On the basis of the preparatory department, courses in special disciplines are organized, which provide an opportunity to prepare for the entrance exams of the creative cycle at the Belarusian State Autonomous Institute and other creative universities. Preparation is carried out according to a cycle of special disciplines:
Drawing (in the specialty "Design" and "DPI") - 9 months;
Figure nude model - from April 3 months;
Painting (specialty "Design" and "DPI") - 9 months;
Composition (in the areas of the specialty "Design") - 9 months;
The skill of the actor is 8 months;
Stage speech - 8 months;
Vocals - 8 months;
Theater directing - 8 months;
Directing television - 8 months;
Teleoperation - from October and February 3 months;
Sound engineering - since March 3 months.
Documents for admission to preparatory courses are received from September 13 to September 24. The set closes as groups form.


When applying for preparatory courses, students undergo a mandatory interview:
- in the disciplines of the faculty of design and arts and crafts, it is necessary to submit your work on drawing, painting (originals), done by applicants independently or in educational institutions (specify the interview days by phone);
- compulsory interview-selection on September 20 will be organized for students in the disciplines of the theater faculty (check the time by phone);
- on disciplines of the faculty of screen arts - a consultation is held before submitting documents.
Students who have successfully completed an interview are enrolled in preparatory courses.
Form of study - day off, evening (telephone inquiries).


Training of students at the preparatory department, preparatory courses of the BGAI is carried out on a paid basis.