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Belarusian State Economic University
Belarusian State Economic University


In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Faculty of Pre-University Training of the Belarusian State Economic University conducts preparations for centralized testing in the following subjects:

  •     maths
  •     Russian language
  •     English
  •     social science
  •     history of Belarus.

In all types of courses, training is usually carried out in a complex of three elective subjects. In some cases, study groups are completed in two academic subjects.

Types of preparatory courses

Evening preparatory courses

Classes at evening preparatory courses are held mainly from 19:15 to 22:00. In some study groups, if there is a classroom fund, classes can be held from 16:05 to 19:05 or from 17:45 to 20:35.

  •         8.5-month preparatory courses
  •         7.5-month preparatory courses
  •         5-month preparatory courses
  •         4-month preparatory courses
  •         3-month preparatory courses

The curricula of evening preparatory courses (except for 3-month ones) provide for students to perform thematic tests as they pass the subjects of the studied disciplines, as well as exam tests, the methodology and technology of which is similar to centralized testing.

  •     Part time extramural courses
  •     Distance learning courses (distance learning)
  •     Short-term training courses
  •     Preparatory courses for students in 10th grade
  •     Preparatory courses "School-university"
  •     Individual training courses

Note. The number of training hours in subjects for all types of courses before the start of recruitment can be slightly changed. The start time of training sessions may also vary.

Training courses in preparatory courses are conducted by full-time teachers of the Department of General Disciplines of the FDP, highly qualified experienced teachers who have real experience in preparing for the successful passing of the CT.

Training programs are designed both for senior students of general educational institutions and students of the last courses of secondary specialized educational institutions, as well as for people who have a significant interruption in their studies.

Study groups are formed taking into account the initial level of training of students. A small number of students in study groups allows you to pay attention to each student, to answer all his questions.

At each training lesson in each study group, homework is set, the implementation of which is supervised by the teacher. In the educational process, a systematic analysis of the test tasks of the Central Testing Center of past years is actively used. Methodological manuals developed by faculty teachers are used in the educational process. The cost of these benefits is included in the cost of training.

Questioning of students is conducted at the faculty annually. The results of the analysis of questionnaires allow us to improve the quality of the educational process and quickly respond to requests and wishes of students.

In addition to organizing the work of preparatory courses, the faculty of pre-university training at the Belarusian State Economic University conducts testing of applicants for academic subjects for a course of general secondary education (the so-called rehearsal testing) based on a set of test tasks developed by the Republican Institute for Knowledge Control.