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Belarusian State Medical University
Belarusian State Medical University

Belarusian State Medical University

Preparatory courses for applicants

Preparatory courses at BSMU have been popular for over 40 years. According to special programs, experienced teachers have created a training system for applicants at the stage of opening the university. Every year it has developed more and more, and today it helps thousands of students to successfully study in their specialties.

The mission of such courses is to explain to students the information that will help them pass the entrance tests.

Throughout the history of the university, preparatory courses have reached such a level that their students can count on them to accurately achieve their goals with due responsibility. The teaching aids developed by experienced teachers allow students to master the subjects of entrance examinations and prepare well for centralized testing. The percentage of those who entered the university from among those present at the courses is 80%.

Anyone who wishes is trained in the following areas:

• Day department. Students are taught the knowledge of biology, chemistry, Russian or Belarusian languages.

• Evening courses. Students study from 1 to 3 disciplines (optional).

• Distance courses. Students study biology, chemistry, Russian or Belarusian.

• Correspondence courses. The subjects studied are chemistry and biology.

University admission

To make a decision on admission, you must familiarize yourself with all the nuances of training. To do this, go to the official website of the university.

For admission you will need the following documents:

The applicant submits to the admissions office:

• application addressed to the rector in a standard form;

• original certificate of education;

• VU certificates in relevant subjects for the current or last year;

• medical certificate of health status;

• 4 photos 3 x 4 cm;

• documents confirming the applicant's right to benefits;

• the passport.