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Belarusian State University
Belarusian State University


The training center of preparatory courses combines an extensive system of evening and afternoon preparatory courses, the duration of which, depending on the intensity of the chosen curriculum, ranges from 3 days to 8 months. About a thousand students attend the preparatory courses of the faculty annually. The variety of training programs offered allows future applicants to choose for themselves the most suitable form of preparation for the courses, as well as to correctly place the emphasis between the categories “I want” and “I can,” and. choose a profession for yourself. The educational process is provided by qualified teachers with extensive experience in the system of pre-university training.

Tuition at preparatory courses is paid. The cost of the curriculum depends on the form of preparation and is formed at the time of the conclusion of the contract. Admission to preparatory courses is carried out upon payment of tuition. Training in preparatory courses is carried out on a contractual basis. The conclusion of a training agreement is subject to the student’s passport and the passport of his legal representative (for persons under the age of 18). Recruitment ceases as groups are recruited.


Training takes place in russian language.