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Belarusian National Technical University
Belarusian National Technical University


The Department of Russian and Belarusian Languages ​​BNTU offers classes in Russian for foreign citizens who want:
  •     learn Russian from scratch (level A1);
  •     improve the quality of your Russian language (levels A2-B1);
  •     improve your Russian language for business and professional communication (levels B2-C1).

Classes are conducted by highly qualified specialist, teachers and teachers with many years of experience both in their homeland and outside the Republic of Belarus.

Classes are held in comfortable conditions using the latest technical teaching aids and achievements in the field of teaching foreign languages.

Depending on the wishes of the students, the curriculum can be adjusted: everyday communication, business communication, professional communication profile (humanitarian, medical, technical, economic), business correspondence, tourism, etc.

In addition to classroom activities, students are invited to participate in various cultural, sports, educational events, contests, quizzes; they will be able to visit the youth student environment, join the student life.

Students of the courses can get acquainted with the cultural heritage of Belarus and Russia, with audio and video materials that demonstrate the richness of the Russian language and Russian culture.