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Chistaya grammatika
Chistaya grammatika


Pure Grammar is practical, practical courses near the house, built on the principle of Dmitry Petrov (“To learn to speak the language, you need to speak the language!”), Where everyone can move at their own pace. A kind of "Ambulance" for students (and not only for them).

The team of the Pure Grammar language center patches “holes” in what is missing and running, focuses on grammar, and teaches to speak the language correctly.

Strengths of the language center:

  •     Works since 2000
  •     Unified authoring technique for everyone
  •     Here they do not “pass the material”, but develop a skill
  •     Everyone moves at their own pace.
  •     No lectures, these are practical courses.
  •     Professional teachers
  •     They love their work here.
  •     Here they love your children
  •     Near the house
  •     Convenient schedule, adapted personally for the child
  •     Prices do not change during the school year
  •     Children of any level are welcome

The objectives of the language center:

1. Create a perfect, simple, affordable, universal and 100% effective system of teaching children English in groups, which will work on its own, regardless, by and large, of which teacher works so that children can study it literally independently .

2. Develop, as far as possible, the native language. To instill in him love for him so that they do not perceive him as foreign or as one of the particularly clever tortures at school, but proudly feel that they are Belarusians, part of a wonderful nation, descendants of their great ancestors, heirs to strong and glorious families, preserving and multiplying our wonderful language and culture.

3. Not only teach children languages, but also contribute to their development in other areas, increase their self-esteem, dignity, listen to them, understand, and also further promote not only the level of language, but also culture, so that our little Belarusians grow up true Europeans.


The Pure Grammar courses were organized in 2000 at the request of the parents of students of one of the usual secondary schools in Minsk in the Sukharevo district (No. 212) and the teacher of the same school, Radiuk (now Selyantieva) Lyudmila Frantsevna, who herself had taught English for many years and could it’s only helpless to observe how children lack practice in school lessons.

So a dream was born! A dream, which at first seemed completely unrealistic, about an independent school, where it would be possible to realize all those extraordinary ideas that could not find a place in the school curriculum.

Then the courses unexpectedly gained popularity, grew, thousands of 4 or more students passed through them, and now they take place in several places in Minsk and delight everyone with the fundamental knowledge that they give in the language center. The center team does not participate in competitions, does not give certificates, but simply teaches languages!

Why is the center so called? Because it all started with English. And it was decided that they would be engaged in pure grammar. There are a lot of conversation courses in the city, but pure grammar is, in fact, difficult to find. As it turned out over many years of communication with schoolchildren, it is grammar that is what they need to “pull up” the most, so the language center team takes the liberty of declaring, like Dmitry Petrov, that you need to work out the grammar base first, understand her, and then already - any conversational, business course.


The selection of teachers here is the most important, because it is they who come into contact with children, maintain and enhance the company's reputation! Here they carefully monitor that the methodology is carried out and the atmosphere of the courses is maintained.

The team consists only of young teachers - special, talented, close in spirit, because you can share experience, but hardly young enthusiasm. Have you ever thought about how much enthusiasm is?

What can be said about the teachers for sure: they are not students, everyone has a language education, they are democratic, modern, have the necessary experience, strive to be real pros, love their work and everyone has a sense of humor!


In the courses you can teach:

  •     English
  •     Deutsch
  •     Russian
  •     Belarusian mov
  •     There are also two experienced speech therapist-defectologist