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In our educational institution, under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you can learn to understand, speak and write in Russian. The training is conducted according to a special technique for speakers of Italian.

The minimum training period is 4 months (1 academic semester).
Classes are held 2-3 times a week for 3 academic hours.
Classes: evening from 18.30, afternoon from 15.00, morning from 10.00.
Small study groups of 4-6 people (permissible maximum: 10 people).
Testing without payment after the conclusion of the contract.
Textbooks, audio recordings, additional training materials are included in the price and are provided additionally.
At the end of full training, a certificate of the established form is issued.

Course location:

  •     educational building on the street Castle, st. Nemiga
  •     classrooms on Ave. Independence (metro station Victory Square)