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Try to explain the rules of the Russian language on the example of a simple kitchen table. Before us is a table. On the table is a glass and a fork. What are they doing? A glass is standing, and a fork is lying. If we stick the plug in the countertop, the plug will stand. Thus, are vertical objects and horizontal ones? Add a plate and a pan to the table. They are horizontal, but still stand on the table. Now put the plate in the pan. There she lies, and before that stood on the table. Maybe there are items ready for use? No, the plug was ready when she lay.

There are many similar examples, so it is not surprising that foreigners consider our language difficult and compare it with Chinese. After all, not every Russian or Belarusian can explain what lies and what is worth. Why don't the letters “b” and “b” have their own sounds, and why are they needed at all? Why is the verb "to be" not used in the present tense, but in the future and past is used? Now imagine what the Russian language seems to be for those who are going to learn it?

Nevertheless, the study of the Russian language for foreigners will be feasible and enjoyable if specialists take up the matter. Experienced teachers of the Soeasy Cultural and Educational Center, who speak several foreign languages, can not only explain the rules of the Russian language, but also help to remember the exceptions. After all, linguists understand what it is from the outside - Russian for foreigners. Classes are held mainly in English, but the characteristics of students are also taken into account. For a clearer understanding of the language, teachers explain some of the rules in the students ’native language.

As part of the Russian as a Foreign Language course, the Soeasy Cultural and Educational Center in Minsk offers students the basic vocabulary and grammar, as well as the oral skills necessary for communication in everyday life. For a deeper study of the language, you will need about a year. For those who need to establish business in Belarus or join the work team as soon as possible, there is the opportunity to take an intensive Russian language course for business communication.

An experienced teacher, regular classes with native speakers, a structured course and an effective methodology are a great opportunity to take Russian language courses, quickly achieving high results.

In our courses, we select the optimal program for our students, provide all the necessary materials for training. We pay attention not only to the study of grammar, but also to practice, gaining knowledge about the culture and customs of the country, which undoubtedly helps in a deeper understanding of its linguistic features. Russian language courses in Minsk will help you get the necessary knowledge base, as well as apply them in live communication.

Satisfied students, positive reviews, admiration for native speakers after talking with our students, an exclusive teaching methodology, the best literature, audio and video materials, board games, classes with native speakers, and much more can be found in the Sowisi Cultural and Educational Center. Learning the Russian language for foreigners with professionals is easier and faster. Come and see for yourself!