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SOL Minsk
SOL Minsk


The European Center “SOL Minsk” invites foreign citizens living in the Republic of Belarus to overcome the language barrier in Russian language courses for foreigners. Properly express your thoughts, as well as read and understand by ear the speech of a Russian person - necessary things for a full life in the Republic.
For whom is Russian as a foreign language course intended?

  •     Foreign students wishing to study at Belarusian or other Russian-language educational institutions.
  •     Migrating citizens from abroad.
  •     Representatives of business, sports, and other activities.
  •     Interested tourists who are in Minsk for a long time.
  •     Journalists, correspondents.

Learning Russian for foreigners at the SOL Minsk Training Center is based on three levels:

  •     Russian language training is conducted under the guidance of highly qualified specialists;
  •     upon passing each level, a student of our Center is issued a certificate of international level;
  •     reasonable prices, individual discounts and promotions;
  •     individual lessons in which you will actively improve your communication skill, as well as speaking with native Russian speakers in comfortable conditions.

    Beginner - Russian language courses for beginners, after which you can conduct a simple conversation from simple phrases and language structures, perceive speech by ear and read.
    Middle - the middle level of learning the Russian language. In the second-level courses, you will learn Russian grammar and its use in speech and writing. Also, you can already express your thoughts with the help of complex verbose sentences.
    Advanced - the last level of knowledge of Russian means perfect possession of it in both oral and written language. In addition to general topics, your vocabulary will include special (economic, political, business) topics. Knowledge of the language at this level allows foreign students to study in a Belarusian or Russian educational institution, as well as get jobs in the Belarusian / Russian labor markets.
Before enrolling in a specific course direction, we suggest that you take an oral interview and written testing to accurately determine your level of language proficiency.
A full Russian language course helps foreign citizens who decide to stay in Russian-speaking countries for a long period of study or work. Belarus is happy to welcome and support all guests, especially students who prefer to get an education in our country.


Why should you trust us?
The convenient location of our classes is one of the priorities of the school. The main office of the Training Center is located near the metro station “Victory Square”. We also have several branches of the school, which are located in different districts of the city of Minsk.

For all questions of interest, call and come to the Center’s office, our managers will be happy to tell you everything and select the program that suits you.