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Step by Step
Step by Step


When making business or leisure trips, foreigners often face the problem of a language barrier.

The language center “Step by Step” has developed a range of Russian language programs for foreign citizens: specialized courses are provided for various business areas that allow you to effectively learn basic and specialized vocabulary.

Our center offers the highest level of training - each educational program is unique and prepared for you by certified teachers.

How is the training going?

When developing programs for teaching Russian as a foreign language, we emphasized holistic language learning. We can say that every language is initially foreign to humans. Indeed, from early childhood, we learn unfamiliar words, then put them into sentences, think and express our thoughts and feelings using this language code. Once it was completely alien to us, but the lessons of parents, friends, society, the media, the whole language culture that surrounds us, did their job - and we can rightly call this language our native.

We believe that a foreign language should be studied in the same way in its entirety. Therefore, our teachers independently develop and regularly practice only those methods that will allow you to perfectly master the grammar, vocabulary and correct pronunciation, as well as wisely use them for the purposes of real communication.

During classes, you are involved in situations close to real life, during which speech skills (speaking, listening) develop. This approach is effective and implies the creation of a positive atmosphere of trust and cooperation between the teacher and the student in the lesson.